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“Sleep is that condition of the body in which the normal activity of the nervous system is so far reduced that consciousness is entirely wanting or at extremely low ebb.” These are the words of my late 108-year-old grandmother, whose sage advice for a good night’s sleep was to simply close your eyes. She was living proof that a good night’s sleep can improve your mind and enhance cognitive thinking; it can potentially ward off illness and disease, elevate your mood, and can possibly hold the key to a long and healthy life.

However, according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, 40 million people each year suffer needlessly, as they are not getting the restorative sleep needed due to chronic sleep disorders. That is where Somnia comes in, bringing a new concept in sleep wellness backed by science and delivered with proven solutions and lasting results. Somnia’s mission is simple, yet powerful: to help everyone consistently achieve a great night’s sleep. They do this by studying the latest science of sleep and working directly with each patient to address his or her sleep problems and then providing the best solutions. Whether you suffer from insomnia, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) or snoring, the team of experts at Somnia can help you on your journey toward a more restful and beneficial good night’s sleep.

Somnia’s co-founder and CEO Peter Fatianow is dedicated to providing solutions to people who don’t sleep well; he is committed to making every night a good night when it comes to sleep. “Somnia is the first store of its kind in the world, and the medical community is now beginning to understand the importance of sleep health,” he asserted, noting that whether the issue is medical or behavioral, Somnia has products and services to help people achieve a healthier night’s sleep. This is a relaxed and inviting place that allows people to explore their sleep issues and leave with solutions uniquely tailored for each individual.

“We have a sleep care technician with 20 years of experience,” said Fatianow. “At the store, we provide free sleep screening services and consultations.” Somnia’s Medical Director, Richard F. O’Brien, MD, and Dental Director Gary Radz, DDS, along with Somnia’s certified sleep care technician, Somnia Store work together as a clinical team to ensure that the best medical and dental sleep protocols are in place for all Somnia patients to experience the best treatment possible.

According to Fatianow, patients who seek medical assistance for sleep apnea in a typical medical setting, for example, might have to wait a couple of months for a diagnosis and treatment, as they navigate the current system’s pathway of multiple referrals, appointments, and insurance regulations. “Many people simply give up because it takes too much time,” he explained.

With Somnia, the medical experts can order a home sleep apnea test that patients rent and from which data can efficiently be reviewed and interpreted by Dr. O’Brien, allowing him to provide a complete report for the patient and, if necessary, a prescription in a relatively short time. “We’ve been able to get people screened, tested, diagnosed and treated in as few as three days,” emphasized Fatianow. “It’s important to note that treatment doesn’t always mean CPAP therapy. Under Dr. Radz’s guidance, Somnia Dental Group dentists offer oral appliance therapy as an alternative treatment for snoring and OSA when medically appropriate.”

In addition, Somnia has a CPAP resupply program that is an easy, convenient and inexpensive option for patients already on PAP therapy. “So many patients on PAP therapy are frustrated with their durable medical equipment company that they sometimes quit therapy because it’s too hard to deal with the system. We offer free mask fittings, consultations, great customer service and all the supplies you need to keep compliant on therapy without getting frustrated,” Fatianow said.

Issues related to insomnia seem to involve a greater population and are not as well defined. “There are many causes attributed to insomnia,” explained Fatianow. “Four things typically impact sleep quality: light, sound, air quality and temperature. The best sleep is usually acquired in a colder, yet not uncomfortable, dark room with some ambient noise. We have products to address these issues.”

Sometimes, lack of sleep can be attributed to a behavioral issue, and Somnia has devices to track sleep and daily habits from which an assessment can be made. Recommended lifestyle changes are then provided to the patient. “Through our understanding of an individual’s sleep patterns, we offer coaching on sleep disruptions and provide effective and appropriate solutions.” Fatianow notes that something as seemingly harmless as using a laptop, tablet or cell phone before falling asleep can adversely affect one’s body. “The blue light that is emitted from those devices can cause your body to react negatively and create sleep problems.”

Whether through treatment for sleep apnea or something as simple as an aromatherapy diffuser, Somnia hopes that its retail setting will encourage more people to come in, talk about sleep issues with the knowledgeable staff, and to finally address their sleep issues so they can then embrace that long-awaited good night’s sleep. “We want to make your bedroom more of a sleep sanctuary and get people sleeping better and healthier,” said Fatianow. HLM

For more information on the Somnia store, visit them at Park Meadows Mall at 8401 Park Meadows Center Drive in Lone Tree, go online at or call 720-895-1782.