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Caity & Cory

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Almost nine years! That’s how long Caity and Cory Fields have been together, building their foundation through junior high, high school and college.

“We had mutual friends at Preston Junior High School,” Caity remembers. “Cory was in eighth grade and I was in ninth. He asked me out via instant messaging! We went to different high schools, but ended up at the University of Wyoming together. We agree to celebrate the anniversary of our first date on February 12, so that made our wedding date the week of our eight and a half year anniversary!”

Caity and Cory’s choice of wedding venue preceded a proposal! “Cory and I had discovered our wedding venue and it was perfect, so we chose a date two years out. When we called the venue the wedding coordinator made the comment that our date was available the next year, so Cory and I started to think that we might be able to get married sooner. But we still didn’t have your typical proposal at all,” Caity smiles. “Cory wouldn’t let me tell anyone without a ring, so we went to look at rings. I found a ring that both of us loved and I wouldn’t take it off, so we became engaged!”

The blissful couple tied the knot on August 15, 2014. The wedding party consisted of three bridesmaids: Katie Honey, one of Caity’s best friends from college; Emily Beagle, their roommate; and Amanda Fields, Cory’s twin sister. The three groomsmen were Taylor Fields, Cory’s older brother; Joe Plante, Cory’s past coworker and good friend; and Shea Lefebvre, Caity’s older brother.

“Our ‘first look’ was one of our favorite times of our wedding day,” shares Caity. “It was beautiful in the aspen trees and it was so nice to spend time with Cory before our ceremony so we could just be together quietly. I also was so glad that we decided to write our own wedding vows. Cory and I hadn’t planned on doing this, but we went to a wedding a few days before our own and realized how important it was to express how we felt to each other. Also, because we have been together so long, we had so many photos of the two of us growing up together along with so many memories involving everyone who came to celebrate with us. Every person we invited we had a history with us together and they meant so much to us as a couple. It was fun to share these photos and reminisce as we celebrated our wedding.”

Caity and Cory spent a week in Puerto Morales, Mexico, for their honeymoon. “For the most part we spent our time relaxing on the  beach and by the pool,” Cory notes, “but we also spent a day at an adventure park zip-lining, which was a lot of fun!”