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Make your Resolutions a New Lifestyle

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Here are my top tips for creating resolutions you’ll follow through on:

1. Be specific and envision what you want your outcome to look like with how it’ll feel accomplishing that. “I want to exercise more” or “eat healthier” are vague and difficult to stand behind when we get busy at work, have a sick kid or when life happens.

Instead, think of a specific pair of jeans you’d love to fit into again, what you’ll look like in them and how you’ll feel when you can slip those bad boys on again! Maybe even find an old photo of you in those jeans. Sometimes we can be motivated by where we are now, so try them on just as they are now and snap a photo to show the progress you’re about to make.

Think of how you want to feel going through your day. How do you want to feel when you wake up in the morning and go through your workday? Do you want to be more present, more energized, more positive with those you love?  

Print off photos or create a visual to remind you of the woman you’re becoming; you can look at it each day to motivate you
to continue.

2. Focus on what you want most, instead of what you want right now. When we take the time to create the outcome that has feelings attached to it, we can focus on that and who we want to become through this process instead of a little temptation that will go away quickly. 

Say out loud, “I want to feel confident in my clothes again more than I want to skip this workout.” Think to yourself, “I want to be an energetic, strong, determined woman more than I want this cupcake (or whatever temptation is right in front of you).”

This journey won’t be perfect, though, so realizing there will be times when we give into temptation, before we begin, will help us realize we’re looking for progress, not perfection.

3. Find a system that can become a lifestyle for you. If you are planning on spending hours in a gym and never enjoying a treat from time to time, this resolution will be difficult to maintain past week one. Any new change feels uncomfortable at first, but you want to know it can be maintained.

As a new mom who’s now expecting, at-home workouts that are 30 minutes or less fit my life phase right now. Maybe you’re someone who loves your girl time at the gym, so find a community that’s reliable and has class times that will fit in your busy schedule. 

The key is looking for something that will push you, but that you can stay consistent with while loving it at the same time!

Written by: Megan Seales

Megan Seales is a virtual health and fitness coach who helps women gain back their energy through eating real foods and find fitness that can fit into their lives. She loves minimal ingredient and quick healthy recipes, but enjoys her pizza and ice cream too! She is also a wife, new mom and former public school educator.  / @megseales