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Mind Fit: Staying Centered While Planning Your Big Day

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I’m sure that since beginning your wedding planning you’ve seen the saying “sweating for the wedding” floating all around. However, working on your mindset through the ups and downs of wedding planning can create a stronger woman that you’ll be proud of on your wedding day.  

One of the toughest battles you’ll get to overcome is the comparison game. With the influx of bridal magazines, wedding blogs and Pinterest boards, you’ll notice that the perfectly pictured venues, wedding dresses and flowers may tempt you to think, “Will my wedding be this beautiful? Will I look that great in my dress?”

Your day won’t look like those images. This day will be your day and that is what will make it even better than your Pinterest board. You won’t look like those women in bridal magazines. You will look like the most beautiful version of yourself. Your own individuality is your gift, so remember to add your personality and not just an imitation of others. In the end, your wedding day and look will be so unique to you that it will not be worthy of comparison. 

Another battle to stand on guard for is that inner mean girl. We all know her, even though we’re sometimes not aware of her, and we can believe that what she’s telling us is the truth. Remember, she speaks only to you and only you can hear her. Some refer to her as negative self-talk, but she can be ruthless and must be stopped immediately, especially while planning a day as special as this.  

While you’re trying on dresses for the very first time, one of the most anticipated, exciting, but also nerve-racking days of your life, you may only see your flaws; you may even start to believe that you’re not worthy of such a beautiful dress. Please recognize that this is your inner mean girl and she is lying to you. Only you can be the one to stop her. Recognize when your thoughts turn negative and consciously tell yourself, “That’s not true.” Put an end to her negativity by flooding your mind with positive truths. Use this time to build up confidence in yourself. The endless to-do list can seem daunting, but it can also be a time for personal growth.

Follow through on promises to yourself. When we follow through on the things we tell ourselves we’re going to do, we get to deposit a little token of self-confidence that we keep forever. If we had a friend who was constantly making plans with us, then bailing, we’d lose confidence and trust in that friend. However, we are so quick to bail on the plans we make for ourselves.

Whatever it is that you want to accomplish, stay true to it and watch your confidence grow.

Written by: Megan Seales

Megan Seales is a virtual health and fitness coach who helps women gain back their energy through eating real foods and find fitness that can fit into their lives. She loves minimal ingredient and quick healthy recipes, but she enjoys her pizza and ice cream too! She is also a wife, new mom and former public school educator.