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Lodi Blooms: Don’t Miss the Cherry Season!

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Photos Courtesy of Lodi Blooms

Lodi Blooms is a renowned cherry orchard located in Lodi, California, offering a premier U-pick cherry event during cherry season. This family-owned orchard provides a delightful experience for visitors, allowing them to pick cherries straight from the trees. The orchard boasts a variety of cherry types, including Bing, Tulare, lapin and coral champagne cherries, known for their exceptional quality and taste.

The farm, managed by fourth-generation farmer James Chinchiolo, ensures that multiple generations of cherry-growing wisdom culminate every cherry season, resulting in premium export-quality cherries that are sweeter, larger and firmer than typical store-bought cherries. The orchard’s commitment to quality extends to its operations and is reflected in practices such as cover cropping, efficient water use and employing beneficial insects to enhance crop health.

During the U-pick season, which typically starts in May and lasts three to four weeks, visitors can enjoy guided tours, personalized picking experiences and a safe environment spread across the expansive 40-acre orchard. For those unable to visit in person, Lodi Blooms offers orchard-side pickup and shipping services across the U.S., ensuring everyone can savor their premium cherries.

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