Let’s Go Glamping!

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It used to be that only hearty souls would take on the challenge of camping. Not so these days! There’s a growing demand for glamping products and locations for the camper who wants an easier and more luxurious time out in the woods.

glamping is the combination of glamour and camping. Now you can buy mobile homes that look like wooden houses, tents that come with more amenities than the old pup tents, and all sorts of products designed to make your retreat more enjoyable. Welcome to the world of glamping.

The Tools
Trevor Morrow is a travel writer who has embraced the millennial idea of camping. Although he travels extensively, he often eschews the amenities in exchange for the ability to travel light and get closer to nature. Even so, he claims creature comforts make some camping trips more enjoyable.

One item he suggests is a tent big enough to stand up in and large enough to accommodate pleasantries that add to the camping experience. These tents will sleep six to eight comfortably, but who says they have to? They are great for two people who can spread out and be comfortable without tripping over each other. Toss in a queen-size air mattress with flannel sheets, 100 percent wool Pendleton blankets or a duvet-style blanket and a comfortable pillow. Some people prefer sleeping bags to the blankets and sheets; it’s up to you.

Good kitchen equipment is necessary if you don’t like lighting a campfire every night. A sturdy camp kitchen such as the Grub Hub® Mesa 1 or Bass Pro Shops® Deluxe Camp Kitchen helps with food preparation for those cooks who miss the conveniences of a home kitchen, and they’re the perfect solution when it’s raining! These camp kitchens come with a small counter and hooks. The stove is extra on the Bass Pro Shops’ unit but integral to the Grub Hub Mesa 1. They can be set up in minutes and collapse into a portable carrying unit.

Other luxuries you may want include a really heavy-duty cooler for meat, wine and beer. A kitchen sink is a big help with the dishes. The Coleman kerosene lantern is a classic, but check out other styles too. Many have flickering light to resemble candlelight or campfire light. A true glamper will include an area rug near the front of the tent. The Vivaterra is a good choice; it can be hosed down and resists mildew. Be sure to toss in a good knife, sporks for every member of the team, a waterproof case for your phone and some method of purifying water.

The Places
Glamping is one of the hottest trends in the travel industry. There are many luxurious spots in the United States and around the world. Mountainous areas are popular with glampers. California, Colorado, Tennessee, Texas, Georgia and North Carolina all have sites available for rent. In California, there are safari tent/cabin combinations for two or for families. Depending on where you decide to go, you can view the lovely sunsets over the ocean, watch for whales, or simply enjoy nature hikes in the mountains. Showers and continental breakfasts are readily available in some locations.

Outside Nashville, Tennessee, there’s a unique camping area with underground pods for sleeping, with one larger communal pod for all the glampers to cook and eat in. The campsite is on an organic farm near the historic Natchez Trace. In season, campers can enjoy the farm’s fruits and veggies.

Georgia is another state that takes glamping seriously. Whether it’s a treehouse or an Airstream hidden away in the forest, both come with full amenities. The treehouse has floor-to-ceiling windows, air conditioning and heating and a nearby fire pit.

Glamping is also very popular in Europe. On the the beautiful North Devon coast in England, Loveland Farm has a farmhouse, tipis, yurts and campervans. What makes this site unique are the six geodesic domes with king-sized beds and other modern amenities. Nearby surfing is a bonus.

Travel blogger Blakely Downs claims the single most overlooked factor in travel is the exchange rate. There are so many places where your dollar stretches further than others. Travel in Latin America and Southeast Asia is consistently cheaper than better-known resort areas in Europe or Japan. Even so, downturns in the economies of certain countries, such as Greece, can work to your advantage. Portugal and Hungary are two other countries that offer considerable bang for the buck for glampers.

You’re probably not going to decide where to go or what to do based solely on the dollar and its exchange rate. Whatever you decide, glamping is a great family vacation option. Some areas have Wi-Fi connections, but others will have you completely disconnected from modern civilization and getting closer to nature every day. ■

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