Settle Down! Organizing After A Big Move

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It’s a moving story. Well, it may not be that “moving,” but moving is quite a job. Changing addresses can be exciting, stressful and lots of work, so why not get a handle on your move even before you pack that first box?

Organizing is the first step to creating wonderful memories in your future abode. Here are some tips for making a smooth-move into your new digs.

Preparing for a move can be daunting, but with today’s technology and a little elbow grease we can get in, get organized and enjoy our new digs. Taking an assessment of what we already have is a good start; purging our possessions comes in a close second. Even if you’re not moving, it’s helpful to pretend every couple of years to bust that clutter.

Mary Riffel, a real estate agent for over 20 years, says when it comes to stuff, get rid of things you don’t use. “Make sure to clear clutter from remote areas too. Don’t forget to purge items in the attic, garage and any outdoor furniture you don’t use anymore.”

Removing common clutter busters can start a move in the right direction. Some are expired medications and supplements; paint containers; old books; clothing not worn anymore; extra cups and mugs; old furniture; projects you won’t complete; old bath products and perfumes; magazines old and new.

If there are some things you are still unsure about, ask yourself, “Does this really bring me joy? Is this something I would buy or make again?” If you feel indifferent about something, donate it or get rid of it.

Mary says it’s okay to get help from the experts. “If time is limited, consult with professional organizers. They can be a welcome addition to the decision-making process. Also, consider hiring junk removal companies. They will remove anything from old mattresses to electronics.”

One Big Folder
Creating a master moving binder is great strategy for staying organized during a move. If you are tech savvy, uploading photos of important documents to a file folder on your phone or laptop may be more efficient. Helpful items to have in a moving binder or folder might include moving checklists, utility company phone numbers, list of donation receipts, financial documents, moving company paperwork and more.

Tucked between your moving boxes and your cleaning supplies might be the technology you need–a moving app. In a world where there are more phones than people, why not make the most of it? The best moving apps can help you plan, move and get settled into your new home at the same time. Move Advisor, a popular and top-rated moving app, guides you through a moving timeline and helps you take inventory of your current possessions, find movers and get quotes. Check out other apps to find the best one for you.

Color Code Boxes
Colors make everything brighter and, when it comes to moving, clearer. Labeling your moving boxes by a magic marker can be helpful, but why not use labels to color them by corresponding room? Labeling can make it easier to decipher where to place the boxes as they are being unloaded from the moving truck. Find these colorful creations at department stores, online and in the dollar stores. Try creating your own color-coding system with multicolored masking tape, so all of the blue-taped boxes go in the bedroom and all of the yellow boxes in the kitchen.

Mary notes that since moving can be so time consuming, make sure to take help when it’s needed. “Ask your realtor or moving company for labels that identify each room. It will make the process so much easier after the move.”

Pack a Big Day Box
The big moving day is finally here! But most of your stuff is packed away and you just know you’re going to need something that’s already packed and stacked in the garage. Making a moving day bag or tub can save the day!

In this important container, pack essentials such as cash or credit cards, medications, toiletries, an extra set of clothes, baby supplies if needed, important documents, wipes, hand sanitizer, snacks, trash bags, tool kit, snacks and bottled water. This is also a good place to keep that moving binder you’ve been maintaining and updating so important things are readily accessible.

Now it’s time to organize your new digs! Seeing your things in a new setting is exciting. The hardest part is over, and now you’re moving on to organizing your new place! Once the movers have unloaded your stuff, it can be a daunting process, but keep in mind, Rome wasn’t built in a day. But each day, they laid bricks. Making a goal to unpack a few boxes at a time will keep the process flowing. Your future memories await you!

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