Prepare your home for summer!

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We’re ready to welcome summer with sun-kissed, open arms, and what better place to start than in the home? The season begs for your house to open itself up to warm, fresh weather, entertaining, quick fixes and more.

We can get so wrapped up in where to start prepping, we don’t know what should be at the top of the list for this sweet season. Here are a few tips we’ve organized by room to help you break free from your winter routine.

Open up the windows and let the fresh air in! Depending on where you live, the evening and night air can still be chilly, so opt for a fresh air stream instead of running to the thermostat right away for air conditioning. It’s a good idea to check screens beforehand; replace or repair any damaged screens so you’re set to let summer indoors. Screens are susceptible to damage in harsher climates, so give them an extra check if you’ve been through a tough or wet winter.

Take a power washer to your windows to get the extra winter grit out. And an extra tip if you’re letting fresh air flow through your home: houseplants can also help filter the air. Consider placing English ivy or a Spider plant (great for filtration) near a window in your home.

In the kitchen, have a list of cocktail ingredients or grill recipes on hand. Find either a fun way to display them or just have them close by so you’re always ready to create something tasty when guests stop by, or just for yourself. It’ll save tons of time having a few go-to concoctions instead of resorting to Pinterest or Mom’s recipe book when you’re in a quick bind. A stocked fridge and fresh produce are always great and even better in the summer. If you’re feeling extra motivated this summer, you could start your own vegetable garden; if you’re a first-time grower, keep carrots, green beans, lettuce, cucumbers, spinach and tomatoes in mind; they’re some of the simplest to grow. Tending a vegetable garden is a great family activity and will also help you save some extra money over the summer that you can use toward other summer-friendly activities, such as an excursion to your favorite day trip destination.

Give your bedroom and guest rooms a welcoming refresh. Strip off the flannel and extra bed blankets and keep them tucked in a nearby closet. White or neutral sheets and bedding always makes a space feel guest-ready and luxurious. Pop these sheets in the dryer with a fabric softener (or air dry for an even fresher feel) to create a fluffy oasis. You can also opt for lightweight materials (think linen) in warmer months. You won’t need the additional heat! Accentuate a breezy bedroom with throw pillows; think pops of color or textures and patterns that might feel out of place during winter months.

Also, don’t forget about the bedroom closet. This is the perfect time to not only substitute summer clothes for winter ones but to also do a check-in to see what you actually wore over the past few months. It’s a simple, two-for-one organizational project.

Living rooms are another great place to add extra color, whether with accent pillows, fun small accents or table lamps with personality. Just a few quick refreshes can make an entire room feel different. Often a gathering space for a party or hangout, living rooms may get a bit warm, so make sure you’ve dusted off your ceiling fan. Set fan blades to revolve counterclockwise; this forces the hotter air near the ceiling to mix with cooler, lower air, leveling out the room temperature. Another way to infuse a cooler mix into what once was warm is by adding modern accents to your fireplace. If you have a traditional wood fireplace, it’s easy to substitute out the old logs or ashes with fresh greenery, decorative taper candles or your favorite potted flowers.

Though it may be a daunting task, nothing feels more summer ready than a de-cluttered garage. Creating overhead storage plus labeling and tossing away anything you don’t use anymore will help make way for an organized space. Group like things together and try your best to put each item back where you found it. Don’t ruin a perfectly good summer day trying to find all the items to make it happen.

The beauty of summertime is that it adds another room to your home. Whether you enjoy the outdoors from a balcony, patio, backyard or deck, you can find great solutions for dining and entertaining al fresco. Plastic or weather-friendly plates, glassware and utensils are perfect for casual entertaining, but you can make outdoor dining even more special with real dinnerware and decorating with candles and string lighting. Creating a serene outdoor setting will help make way for summer memories. HLM

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