The Power of Sisterhood

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Moving away to college is an exciting transition. Living on campus and making friends in a dormitory can be a great way to meet people, but many females are drawn to the idea of joining a sorority to help find a deeper sense of community.

For those who choose to participate in Greek organizations, these groups empower members to succeed as well as giving them the confidence they need to be well-rounded contributors to the communities they serve. Some of the groups aren’t the traditional social organizations generally thought of as Greek. Some are based on academics, community service and even faith-based sororities. But they all have a few things in common; they provide some sort of community service work, they offer ongoing ways to participate and provide a wide range of networking opportunities, often for life.

The benefits to being a sorority or other tight-knit organization member doesn’t stop with Greek letters and philanthropic events. According to a Gallup study of 30,000 college graduates, fraternity and sorority members are more likely to do well in their careers compared to those who did not join these types of organizations. The study found that 43 percent of fraternity and sorority members who work full time are engaged in the workplace, compared with 38 percent of all other college graduates. And Greek graduates were also more likely to be thriving in other aspects of wellbeing including physical, social, financial and community.

Whether it’s a fraternal sorority or a charity organization, women can gain lifelong friends and a network of other women who may also “have their back” as they start their careers, require support with family or just need someone to lean on. Here’s how a sorority organization can help females for life.

After Graduation and Career Networking
Having a sorority or Greek affiliation could be used as a networking tool and including it on a resume shows that a candidate is well-rounded and able to balance multiple responsibilities. One of the brightest spots of being Greek or a member of another philanthropic organization is the networking. It’s comforting to know that there’s a group of people who have similar goals, making college more rewarding but also helping to make the most of the future.

Greek members automatically become a part of a never-ending circle of peers, friends and colleagues who can help find jobs and meet other people that could be beneficial in other aspects of life. After graduation, this network of people will become invaluable and powerful. One sorority friend could know a friend who knows someone else who could help get an interview for a dream job, or at least a good job that may help pave the way to certain career goals

Life Moments
While it may sound cheesy to some, sorority sisters or close-knit organizations can be friends for life. A bond with a few very close sisters can make a huge difference when a woman is going through life’s trials, tribulations and momentous events.

Sarah had graduated college 20 years before, but when her husband died from a long illness, her sorority sisters came with food, donations and lots of love and support. She couldn’t believe the amount of time and effort these women, some she knew and some she didn’t, spent making her feel comfortable with their outpouring of cards, letters, notes of encouragement and more.

Reconnecting with Sisters
Life goes on after graduation and in a big way. While we may lose touch with our college friends and the daily grind keeps us busy, just because you’ve moved on doesn’t mean the sorority experience has to end. Being a sorority member means lifelong membership. If life has gotten in the way of keeping in touch, here are a few ways to reconnect.

Update Your Info
Don’t miss out on alumnae newsletters, special announcements or the sorority magazine. This is a great way to stay in touch and know where other alumnae are located as well as their chosen career fields. Stay in touch through social media channels as well.

Most sororities offer a wide array of volunteer opportunities in all capacities. Reengage with old friends, meet new ones and network in the career department, all while helping others.

Join an Alumnae Group
Many alumnae chapters meet much like collegiate chapters, hosting meetings, alumnae events and volunteer opportunities. Becoming an active member of an alumnae chapter allows continued growth through leadership opportunities and networking, while helping you meet new connections.

Fraternity and sorority members account for about 9 million people in the U.S., so that is a large group of allied folks who can help one another. By combining the past Greek experience with current work and family, a sorority can continue to impact someone’s life years after graduation. ■

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