Make It Personal!

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Coming up with unique ideas for wedding gifts can be tough, especially if you know the bride and groom already own many household items. You want to find something special that will remind them of their love for each other and their special day. A personalized gift checks all the boxes when it comes to memorializing the moment a couple says “I do.”

Incorporating a photo of the couple makes a gift memorable. There are a wide range of custom gifts you can have made with photos of the couple, such as a monogrammed frame for their engagement photo, a set of photo coasters or a piece of wall art made from a photo collage of their dating days. You can also create an original piece of artwork that’s personalized for the couple, such as a photo of their initials traced in the sand at the beach.

Linens and towels that have been personalized with monograms make great wedding gifts for couples with traditional tastes. For those with a more lighthearted style, Bed Bath & Beyond sells towels featuring the words Wifey and Hubby in large script with the couple’s married names printed smaller below. The retailer also sells bath towels and tea towels with a bride and groom wedding logo that make fun wedding gifts for the right couple. Check with a local monogrammer or linen shop; pillow cases with clever sayings such as “Mr. Right” and “Mrs. Always Right” can also include the couple’s names. has canvas throw pillows with the phrase “It All Began” that can be personalized with the couple’s names and where and when they first met.

At your local kitchen specialty retailer, there are a wide range of other household items that can be customized for newlyweds, from carved wooden cutting boards to etched champagne flutes. At, you can order a reclaimed wooden box with a picture of the couple on the lid—the perfect place to store wedding photos and cards. For a couple that love their spirits, Uncommon Goods offers a personalized miniature oak whiskey barrel that’s handmade in Virginia. The barrel will add interest to any home, but it also can be used to traditionally age spirits to their peak flavor. For couples who prefer beer, you can find all types of pints, glasses and mugs that can be personalized.

Go one step beyond when you check the couple’s gift registry. If the registry is with a local fine retailer, inquire early about their personalized services. A pewter tray for an attorney, inscribed “You’ve Been Served…by Amanda,” can take their kitchenware to a new level.

If you’re not the do-it-yourself type, several websites offer ideas, such as a photo of a personalized heart and initials in the sand. One online retailer offers a photo print called Intersection of Love, with two street signs that can be personalized with the couple’s names. Another offers an art canvas with two names inside a heart carved into a tree trunk in a forest. Images such as these are sure to bring out deep romantic feelings in any couple, especially newlyweds!

Besides these practical items, personalized décor items can serve no other purpose than to add interest to a room, such as wedding-themed snow globes that can be personalized with several lines of text. A custom wooden sign personalized with the family name and wedding date also makes a great wedding gift.

Matching personalized pajamas, robes and other pieces of clothing are practical gifts for newlyweds. Bed, Bath & Beyond has a wide range of his-and-her luxury robes that can be personalized with a first name or initials. Cooking couples will love matching aprons that are personalized with their names.

If the bride and groom love to travel and are going away on a honeymoon trip, then are several options for personalizing travel accessories. Personalized luggage tags, luggage tags and passport holders with a newlywed theme are gifts that will be used regularly. Place the tags on a set of matching luggage and the couple will think about you every time they pack for a trip. Matching duffel bags or backpacks personalized with the couple’s initials also make great honeymoon gifts.

To remind a couple of their honeymoon memories into the future, consider the bamboo serving trays from Uncommon Goods that can be personalized with a map of their honeymoon destination. You provide the address of the map location and the text for a personalized label that’s displayed on the map. A personalized honeymoon photo album will help them relive the celebration of their love.

Use your creativity, talk with your local specialty shops about the ways they can personalize gifts, and enjoy the wedding! ■

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