The Magic Carpets for 2019

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If the word “carpet” evokes images of barf-colored shag from the ’70s, let’s have a talk. Yes, carpet was once used as a boring cover-all chosen simply as a background for the furniture and, let’s be honest, to hide dirt. But with advances in technology, carpet is bigger and bolder than ever before.

Today’s carpet pulls in some tried-and-true styles from the past and incorporates brand-new ideas as well. Use it as an anchor to tie your interior design together or make it a focal piece of its own, tying in current trends in style, texture and material.

Get Your Hygge On
If you haven’t yet heard of hygge, you’re about to. It’s a Danish word that describes all things cozy, and it’s taken over everything from clothing to food to interior design. And what’s cozier than carpet? Plush, ultra-soft carpet is coming back, and it’s perfect for embracing the hygge trend. Cashmere carpet is an option that’s well worth the price tag, and frieze carpet is basically shag’s more stylish cousin. No matter what you choose, your feet will thank you.

Area Rugs
Let’s face it; hardwood and ceramic tile floors are in, which is a major bummer if you’re a trend-seeker who loves the feel of plush carpet on your toes. They’re classic and fit right in with the minimalist style that’s been booming as of late. If you succumbed to peer pressure and opted for hard floors, area rugs or runners are still en vogue and can be used to add some personality to your room. Bold colors and patterns can add interest to neutral spaces, while cool, neutral blends can fit in perfectly in a highly styled room. If minimalism is your style, choose low-pile area rugs for their clean, simple look. If you gravitate toward a more boho aesthetic, fringe and frieze carpets are your friend.

It’s no secret that trends are a revolving door. Styles you splurged on just last year might suddenly be an eyesore next year. The beauty of area rugs is that they can be changed out with ease, so if you’re a trend follower, these are your best bet.

Hardwood floors have another benefit over carpet—easy clean-up. But with the help of today’s technology, the carpet industry has answered the call and then some! One of the biggest developments to hit the flooring industry recently is waterproof carpet. It’s now a thing, and it’s here to stay. We’re talking spill-proof, smell-proof and life-proof. Perfect for families with young children or pets (or just the accident-prone), this carpet prevents spills from soaking into the fibers so they can be cleaned up entirely.

Natural Fibers
“Going green” is a phrase that’s taken over every industry, and flooring is no exception. Natural fibers are trendy both for their eco-friendliness and their style. They’re sustainable and versatile enough to complement almost any vibe. Wool is a naturally stain-resistant and insulating option. Sisal is soft, easily dyed to complement any color palette and very durable. Jute, in particular, is going to be big this year. It can be woven into many different textures and patterns and its muted color perfectly complements hardwood for an earthy bohemian feel. Plus, it’s hypoallergenic.

This year, layering is a major trend. You can layer bold patterns on top of more muted ones, smaller rugs over larger ones, or sheepskin on top of natural woven fibers. Get creative! It’s all about creating the perfect balance, which lies in finding elements that are different, but complement each other.

Contrasting Textures
Combining different loop and cut heights creates a texture contrast that both hides dirt and is stylish. The fibers can be cut and arranged in a variety of patterns, such as trellises, flowers, leaves or geometric arrangements to create both visual and textural variety that is subtle yet interesting.

Carpet Tiles
Hear me out; carpet tiles are not just for office buildings. Carpet tiles are becoming more residentially appealing because of their versatility. Several different styles can be combined to create a unique look, and single tiles can be replaced in the event of a spill or stain, making them perfect for family rooms. Plus, the easy installation resonates with the DIY crowd.

Your flooring ties the whole room together, so you want to make sure it’s just right. Carpet adds both comfort and design to any room, whether you’re looking to follow a temporary trend or find a style that stands the test of time. This year’s big trends, some updated and some brand-new, are just what your home needs to upgrade its aesthetic. ■

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