Fashion focus for spring

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There’s a lot to look forward to in springtime–warmer weather, longer days, and…spring fashion! After you’ve spent the winter bundled up with chunky sweaters, gloves and scarves, spring is the perfect time to lighten up the wardrobe and infuse a little color into everyday wear.

Around the world each fall, fashionistas watch as new designs and designers take a walk down the runway in major cities, such as New York, London and Milan, each city featuring vibrant new ideas and plenty of up-and-coming names to keep an eye on as spring trends appear on store shelves just a few months after runway appearances. For 2016, there are countless new styles to appreciate, whether you love a minimalist look or want to infuse the wardrobe with more feminine or vintage options. Here are some names to watch for as you start heading to the major fashion retailers.

Charles Harbison
The founder and creative director of Harbison, this fashion designer launched his first collection in 2013 and was prominently featured on the 2016 runways for his modernist designs. The collection is focused on balance of color, construction and color-blocking, perfect when you want to keep your overall look simple but pack a powerful fashion punch!

Max Gengos
Another designer embracing simple silhouettes, Max Gengos highlighted his collection with eye-catching lines and luxurious fabrics. These garments have been labeled as “responsible luxury” in that they are very well made and designed to last for seasons, ideal if you want that timeless piece in the closet. Gengos uses the foundation of responsible luxury to dictate his collection; the garments are made using minimal waste and expertly tailored to create long-lasting pieces.

M. Martin
Just because it’s high fashion or found on the runway doesn’t mean it has to be avant garde. Designer M. Martin has created everyday sportswear with a twist; the new collection is chic and sophisticated while staying ultra-comfortable and downright fluid. Pieces in M. Martin’s collection include flowy pajama pant-inspired trousers, oversized knits and crisp button-down shirts, a lovely transition between winter and spring fashion options.

Style icons such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Amal Clooney have already started wearing the Monse label, even though it hasn’t officially launched! The designers behind the brand, Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia, have a long history in the fashion industry and worked at legendary Oscar de la Renta. The Monse collection features modern, ready-to-wear pieces full of vibrant colors, luxury fabrics and an assortment of structural and flowy garments.

Perhaps purchasing an item off the runway isn’t always possible, but that doesn’t mean you can’t show off your fashion sense with the best of them. Many new trends and designs were highlighted throughout the runway shows across the globe and can easily be incorporated into your own wardrobe. Here are some of the top new designs to look for this spring.

Vintage redux
Springtime is the perfect opportunity to wear some of the more dainty and frilly garments. Vintage embellishments, geometric shapes, embroidery and layers were all given a modern update during fashion week–the more design going on, the better!

For many of us, the idea of pajamas being a fashion inspiration is a dream come true! While they’re a little more refined than what you would wear to bed, two-piece pajama sets are made using a variety of luxurious fabrics such as floral satins, silks and cotton poplins. Flowy pants and button-down blouses look extra chic and comfortable.

The slip dress is back, but with a ’90s twist. This iconic silhouette was featured in many designer collections, some with spaghetti straps and others with a combination of other strap treatments. Simple slip dresses feature lace straps as well as eye-catching accents such as colorful graphics and figure-flattering ruching. These slip dresses also draw a little Hollywood glamour into the mix, especially when pairing lace and silky satins together; the dresses are also a refreshing transition option from spring to summer.

Adding a little graphic punch to a wardrobe is always on trend for spring fashion. This season, bold and layered shades were found throughout the runways to add even more interest to an outfit. Striped jackets, vertically striped dresses and even flowy rompers and maxi dresses are all beautiful options when you are incorporating this trend into your spring fashion.

There’s something for everyone this spring when it comes to new designers and designs. Whether you want to start small and add some of these design trends in the form of accessories to your spring staples or you want to be a little bolder and step outside the box to enhance your wardrobe, there are plenty of options and designers from which to choose! HLM

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