Creative Gifts for Moms of All Ages

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Every spring we have a chance to honor the most special women in our lives–mothers. Whether it’s about your own mom, grandmother, aunt or best friend-turned-new-mom, Mother’s Day is a special day for us to give a little extra love and attention to those who make all the difference in the world. A perfect way to show Mom how much you care and appreciate her can be giving her a unique gift, but shopping for the right gift can sometimes be a bit overwhelming.
Gift giving is hard for some, and searching for the ideal gift for someone who seems to have it all is one of the most common obstacles for shoppers. So, how do you come up with a creative gift? Experts provide a few interesting solutions that will take a little pressure off the gift-giving experience.
Give Mom an experience she’ll remember. Does she love reading mystery books? Send her on her own thrilling adventure by giving her tickets to a murder mystery dinner show! If Mom loves watching movie musicals, take her to a show and make a night of it. Giving the gift of an experience is perfect for moms of any age and provides memories for a lifetime.

Create a list of interests. Spend some time writing down all the things she likes, past and present. Depending on your mom’s age, this could give you an idea of what she enjoys doing now that the kids are grown or something a new mom might enjoy, such as a relaxing day out of the house or time with girlfriends. Once you see the list of interests, it will make it easier to tailor gift ideas to really impress her.

Keep it personal. Chances are, your mom will love anything you give her, but a personalized gift often means so much to the recipient. Use your own talents–whether creating art, writing music or crafting–to create something from the heart to present on her special day. A letter expressing what she has meant to you in your life or during a particular time will be a treasured keepsake. Or create a group of “Open When” letters; this is a collection of letters that you give to a special person such as your mother, for her to open on specific days, such as when she misses you, she needs a hug, or any other topic or situation that might express your personal relationship.

Personalized jewelry is perfect for moms of any age, but when you want a truly unique piece look for an artisan design rather than shopping at a jewelry store. Websites such as or Nelle& allow you to choose a spectacular piece when you want a one-of-a-kind pendant, necklace or bracelet. One beautiful gift idea is stamped jewelry; these pieces are often hand stamped with a name, initial or date. A stamped charm necklace with the initial of a newborn is a thoughtful, lovely gift for a new mom, or you can stack charms with the initials of children and present them to Mom. Personalized jewelry can also include birthstones to make it even more special!

Every mom works hard, from the time children are newborns until long after the teenagers are out of the house. Edible gifts are a fun way to treat her to something delicious and indulgent she doesn’t have to make for herself. Go above and beyond the fruit floral arrangement and give her a gourmet food basket! Dean & Deluca is one specialty food store that offers a range of tasty options for any mom, including snack treats, sweet and savory items, or even a movie night gift basket, complete with items such as kettle corn, artisan chocolates and salted nuts. Harry & David is another option, offering gourmet fruits and delectable home-style desserts. Don’t want to go for a gourmet gift basket? A high-end cookbook is the perfect gift for a mom who loves to entertain or bake.
Finding the perfect gift for a new mom is sometimes more challenging, but chances are a day away for a little rest and relaxation is always welcome. Treat her to a variety of luxurious spa treatments at a beautiful nearby resort or day spa; mud baths, Vichy showers, customized scrubs using sea minerals or aromatherapy, or wraps are a lovely way to spend the day alone or with friends for some much-needed adult time.

Sometimes, the ideal gift for Mom doesn’t have to be a physical gift, either. Does she have a particular charity she loves to support? A generous donation in her honor is one thoughtful way to help a cause your mom is passionate about and to contribute to an important organization. Planting a tree or naming a star after such a special person are other creative gift ideas to consider. No matter what you choose, Mom is sure to appreciate the care and thought put into any gift she receives!