Upscale Your Look: Makeover Essentials for 2016

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Anew year means a new chance to get it right–or just the perfect opportunity to upscale your look and beauty routine to carry you into spring and summer! Whether you’re ready to emulate some of the hottest beauty trends found on the fashion runway or you just want to add a little oomph to your daily look, we’ve found plenty of ways to do just that!

Exfoliating Bar
A good skin care routine is the essential foundation for any look, especially now as the cold weather and lack of moisture in the air have the potential to leave your skin drier and your complexion dull. No matter what new beauty products you want to incorporate into your new 2016 routine, a fresh face is always in style. Exfoliate the skin one to two times per week, sloughing away dry flakes and encouraging cell renewal, to leave your skin vibrant and healthy. Upgrade your exfoliating routine by skipping the tube and go for a gentle exfoliant in bar form; these cleansing bars are formulated with high- quality and natural ingredients including Dead Sea mud, coffee granules and even dried fruits or plants such as cranberry or bamboo. Hydrating shea butter and other moisturizers are packed in each bar to offer a nourishing and hydrating treatment after buffing away dry skin.

Red Lips
One of the favorite looks seen time and time again on the New York fashion runway this fall was an overall simple look finished off with a gorgeous, bold red lip. A red lip is perfect for everyone; it works as a business chic option as much as it does for a night out! To create this fresh and beautiful look, keep the rest of the face simple–a lightweight foundation, highlighter and mascara is all you need–and add a red lip for that final touch. Not ready to make such a bold statement? Look for a hue that makes you feel comfortable in a lighter application, such as a lip stain or tinted balm, and work your way up to a dramatic lipstick. Keep a red lipstick looking daytime appropriate by using this trick recommended by makeup artists: apply the color to your lips, then use a tissue and gently dab the lips with your finger. If you want to ensure long-lasting color, apply a second coat of lipstick.

Bronzer instead of blush
Winter skin has the potential to lose a little color, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. Instead of trying to add a healthy hue back to the skin through blush, which can sometimes look unnatural, opt for a bronzer in a soft gold tone. One of the trends for 2016 is brightening up the complexion for that year-round glow using a shimmery gold bronzer on high points around the face, including cheekbones, forehead and down the bridge of the nose, followed by a matte bronzer on the same areas. Combining the two bronzers adds depth and gives the face a you-just-got-back-from-the-tropics look you’re craving in the dead of winter. Finish the rest of the look by adding a clear lip balm to the lips and dabbing a tiny bit of clear balm to the eyelids for a sheer shine.

Even if you’re a novice with makeup application, highlighter is simple to use and instantly gives the skin a new life. Many runway trends for spring included the simple routine of lightweight foundation, red lips and strategically placed highlighter. A highlighting formula is appropriate for any age, day or night, because it provides subtle lighting rather than shimmery coverage. Look for a highlighter stick in a gold tone and run it across high points of the face – bridge of the nose, in the Cupid’s bow and upper cheekbones. You can also use a highlighter to brighten up the eyes by dabbing a small amount on the inner corners of your eye.

Upgraded cosmetics
Are you comfortable with your look and don’t want to change it? Sometimes splurging for a higher-end cosmetic or skin care product is just the thing you need to give even the most basic look an upgrade. Winter is the perfect time to shop for a deeply hydrating and quality moisturizer or night cream. Look for one that has a sophisticated blend of natural hydrating oils designed to plump fine wrinkles and reduce puffiness.

Treat your skin well and go for the best serums and moisturizers you can buy. By taking good care of your skin and providing plenty of hydration, even the simplest makeup routine looks flawless for a day or night look. Based on the runway trends, simple is in, so embrace it and play up your best features! HLM

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