Show off your new sparkle!

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An engagement is one of the most exciting times in your life! You’re getting ready to plan a wedding to the love of your life and you have a gorgeous new ring on your hand. When it comes to sharing your engagement news, you need to be ready for the enviable request that always seems to follow: “Let me see your ring!”

As beautiful as your ring is, the last thing you want to do is present your hand to your friends and family and have dry skin or cuticles. Here are some tips for putting your best hand forward and showcasing that beautiful new stone friends and family are eager to see.

Exfoliate Your Skin Weekly
Do you exfoliate your skin diligently, but often forget to give your hands a good rubdown? The skin on your hands tends to be very thin and delicate, which makes it even more important to remove dry skin patches and keep them looking healthy and soft, just the way you want when you’re showing off that sparkly ring. There are numerous sugar scrub products you can purchase at your favorite retail store, or you can make simple sugar scrubs at home to smooth and deeply hydrate skin. Mix a few drops of olive oil with sugar to create a paste, then massage the scrub into your skin. The olive oil hydrates skin and cuticles while the sugar gently exfoliates dry skin cells away for youthful and fresh-looking hands.

Hydrate Frequently
Dry skin doesn’t just feel bad. You don’t want to detract from your beautiful new engagement ring by having patchy or rough skin. Hydrate your hands throughout the day with a rich lotion, especially during the winter months, when skin is prone to even more drying and cracking as a result of cold and dry temperatures. Look for a hydrating lotion containing deeply moisturizing oils such as jojoba or avocado oil; grape seed oil and olive oil are other good options. When you want an ultra-hydrating treatment, apply a liberal layer of cream to the hands and use glamour gloves to seal in the moisture during a deep treatment.

Don’t Forget Cuticles
While you want to pay attention to the skin on your hands, don’t forget cuticles! The skin around your nails tends to dry out quickly and become peeling or jagged, two things you don’t want accompanying your new ring. A deep hydrating hand treatment is perfect for skin and cuticles, but make sure to also hydrate the cuticles throughout the day. Simple things such as washing dishes or bathing can quickly dry out skin and cuticles. Use a cuticle oil pen throughout the day to offer a healthy dose of nourishing hydration to the cuticles; the oil will also keep nails healthy and gleaming. Stash the cuticle pen or oil drops in your purse or office desk to treat the skin every few hours.

Highlight With Polish
Just as we often choose a nail polish color to match a season or special occasion, certain polish colors look especially beautiful with various metals and stone settings. If you’re getting ready to share the big news with friends and family, take your engagement photos or just show your new ring off on social media, it’s always a good idea to find the right nail polish hue to complement your stunning ring. Here are a few stylish options to consider during your next visit to the nail spa.

Apple Red: Go for the classic and elegant candy apple red when you want a timeless look. A vibrant red nail polish complements rose gold rings and gives the overall look one of Hollywood glamour and sophistication. If you have an Art Deco-style ring or a vintage-inspired piece, classic red polish is a beautiful option.

Sheer Pink: Let your ring make the statement by choosing a sheer pink or nude polish. These hues look beautiful with a yellow gold ring and they dress up your nails without taking all eyes off the timeless style of the engagement ring. A sheer pink polish looks flattering on all skin types and gives nails that classic and healthy appearance.

Natural or Nude: A solitaire engagement ring makes all the statement you need! Opt for a nude or neutral shade to keep all the focus on the stone. When you want an overall clean and simple look, a neutral nail polish on a beautifully groomed hand complements the ring without distracting attention from it.

Getting engaged is wonderful, and showing off the ring is part of the excitement! Take care of your hands and nails with a few simple steps, and everyone is sure to be impressed with your ring as well as your beautiful, supple hands. HLM

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