New season, new skincare routine

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Each season, you clean out your closet and make the appropriate wardrobe changes. You even change around what ingredients you add to meals or beverages throughout autumn, winter, spring and summer, so why don’t you switch out your skincare products or makeup routines seasonally, too?

Though some might not realize it, using the same skincare routine year-round isn’t ideal; products are designed to manage varying temperatures, humidity levels and even the outdoor elements! The same goes for cosmetics. Makeup colors and formulas vary throughout the year to give you the coverage you want in an assortment of seasonally desired shades. If you haven’t been changing your skincare or makeup routines throughout the year, these tips can get you started.

Exfoliating is key
The texture and condition of your skin changes seasonally, thanks to exposure to excess sun and humidity in summer and then to drier and colder temperatures in winter. While exfoliating is essential all year long, it’s a good idea to increase the exfoliating sessions during the fall and winter to twice weekly. This keeps dry skin cells from building up on the face and accentuating fine lines and wrinkles. Removing parched skin cells also helps your nourishing skincare products soak into the skin better, rendering them more effective.

Gentle cleansing
When the skin is more supple and hydrated in the summer months, a deep-cleansing solution is ideal to wash away buildup, such as sunscreen and microscopic particles in the atmosphere, and leave skin feeling fresh and clean. During winter, however, you should switch to a creamier and gentler skin cleansing product to remove impurities without stripping away precious moisture and natural oils. A cleansing oil is one product recommended by beauty experts. The oil is deeply hydrating while it rinses away makeup and buildup in the pores, and it doesn’t leave the skin feeling greasy.

Moisturizing must-haves
Lightweight moisturizers are always key in warmer months; they provide a good amount of hydration without being too thick. Once the weather turns cooler, you’ll want to switch to something a bit thicker to hydrate, and don’t forget to use moisturizer on the rest of your body! Time spent in air conditioned or heated buildings year-round also affects skin and causes it to dry out, so consider your home or work environment when selecting a skincare product. When the season begins its transition from warm to cool weather, it’s a good idea to start switching products to match the changing temperatures. Beauty experts recommend using your own climate and temperatures to give you an idea of what products to use and when to start switching them out for appropriate seasonal counterparts.

Chances are you wouldn’t wear a deep berry lip color in summer or a bronzer in winter, so when you’re switching out your skincare products, also think about how to add variety to a makeup routine! During the summer you have shown off your natural beauty and pared down the number of cosmetics you use, and fall and winter require a bit more to maintain hydration and keep your skin glowing.

Foundation needs
While you enjoyed the summer months outdoors, a lightweight foundation or tinted moisturizer that covered imperfections and provided a bit of sunscreen was enough. Fall and winter’s drier air and breezes call for a creamier, full-coverage formula and even a pressed powder over it. If your skin is drier as the season changes, experts advise putting on a light base of moisturizer, waiting three to five minutes, and applying foundation next.

Changing colors
Match your cosmetic palette to the overall colors found throughout each season; while brighter and more vibrant hues are essential in summer, bold and jeweled tones are best in winter and throughout the holidays. The makeup you select should also complement your skin, hair and eye tones. Some of the classic lip color options in winter are deeper, such as wine and berry, while shades of peach and coral are ideal for warmer months. Seasonal makeup is also a great way to create balance in your overall look throughout the year.

Attention to nails
Cuticles and nails begin to dry as the humidity drops. Cuticle oil and a more emollient hand cream, still with sunscreen, will protect your hands and give a beautiful base to show off the deeper and warmer fall and winter polish colors that accent your wardrobe.

Don’t neglect your skincare and makeup routine as you change around seasonally; your beauty and skin routine will benefit from frequent swaps and new formulas. Check with your local aesthetician for her recommendations on formulas and products that will keep your skin healthy and look beautiful all year! HLM

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