New and vintage beauty for fall

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Beauty and drama lovers unite! After what feels like years of the “no makeup” makeup trend, fall 2016 brings facial beauty to the next level with combinations of dramatic colors, unique styles and some classic vintage looks.

Certain fall makeup trends will have you booking it to your favorite beauty supply shop, while others encourage you to use some of your favorite products, just in an updated way. Let’s work our way from top to bottom.

A purposeful brow is not lost on autumn. Whether bleached, blackened, bold or bushy, all brows are taking on a personal identity. Bleached and blacked out brows were heavy across the runways, but maintaining a thick brow will help set a tone that complements all other makeup trends for the fall. The first step is determining where your brow should begin and end (Yes, this is a science and an art.). Line up an eyebrow pencil vertically with where your nose ends. This indicates where your brow will begin. Keeping the pencil in place at your nose, angle it to the center of your pupil so you can see where your brow will reach its highest arch. Lastly, and while still keeping the pencil in place, tilt the pencil to the outermost corner of your eye to get a sense of where the brow will end. Use a pencil–or even eye shadow with a small brush–to fill in the brow area with quick strokes and get as bold or as natural as you prefer.

Next: Grungy black sparkle. These three words will be your guide to all the eyeliner and eye shadow trends this fall. Not to mention there’s a smattering of eyeliner crazes to test out. First, if you find yourself in a constant battle between a shaky hand and your eyeliner pencil or brush, you’re right where you need to be. Tailored eyeliner begs for a bit of a smudge and sparkle this fall. Fully rimmed eyes will appreciate a glossy liner plus a botched application that makes for a totally sophisticated, edgy look. Hoping to not send a kiss-face-emoji-goodbye to the cat eye? You’re in luck. The trend wants more attention this season and adapts with a thicker, bolder statement, entering into more 1960s territory than Lauren Conrad’s beauty staple. And if you’re looking for a break from the blackout trend, opt for a reinvigorated middle school favorite: brightly colored eyeliners. Periwinkles, pinks, vibrant blues and purples are back in the 2016 game to ask us why we ever gave them up. Apply these shades both above and below your eye (so it almost acts as an eye shadow) and electrify a night out with friends.

Continue the edgy chic aesthetic with clumped lashes. While sometimes I like to think I can achieve the desired effect by just sleeping in mascara, there’s an art form to the eye trend. Looking to be the fashion forward standout in your friend circle? Pinch eyelashes together so they group together in spikes of four or five per eye. If you just can’t commit to the clump, fall still loves a luscious lash that’s totally classic.

Part ways with bronzed cheeks from summer and enter into beautifully blushed cheeks for fall. A stunningly subtle contrast to the dark eyes and lips we’re seeing for fall, a blush cheek can be applied with powder or with your favorite light lipstick and creates a windblown effect that looks natural yet refined.

The first trend for the mouth issues a revival of a classic–deep, dark lips. There’s always room on a catwalk (or, hey, your local sidewalk) for plum and berry hues; however, fall 2016 takes this familiar trend and ups the ante by going even more dramatic. Mixing these hues, along with deep reds or wine-inspired tints, with an even darker lip liner plays up the fantastical, enchanting side of makeup. Think of it as ombre for your lips. Lightly apply a deep red to your innermost lips, gradually increasing pressure as you apply. Finish the look with a black-red liner to attack a seriously two-toned trend.

Curious which hairstyles will keep these makeup trends on lockdown? Channel the 1970s, baby; it’s texture time. No matter the style of curl, that’s all fall wants. Natural frizz is welcome, alongside polished looks such as glam curls and full-bodied romantic waves. Don’t be afraid to get your crimper out of storage and use it as part of your new hair regimen; combining crimped locks with soft curls creates a voluminous, frizz-friendly look that feeds a fall trend. Another hair trend to complement the dark fanciful tints from this fall’s makeup is to simply add a fanciful hair accessory. Jeweled bobby pins, gem brooches re-imagined as hair clips and decadent headbands fit for queens all beautifully add to the romantic, fairy-esque beauty that fall brings. HLM

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