Hairstyles for the Holidays

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It’s holiday party season, and obviously you want to look and feel your best when you head out for the night. Once you’ve found the perfect dress and matching shoes, what’s left? How to wear your hair, of course. Should you go elegant and demure or make a big statement? Leave it natural or try something new?

By taking some preliminary steps to prepare your hair, you will enjoy better manageability and a more lasting hold for your special-occasion style. “Before” products will also help protect your hair from damage if you will be using a hot tool.

Prep Work
First, choose the right shampoo. Shampoo and conditioner are not one-size-fits-all products. If you need volume, use a volumizing formula. If you have dry hair, choose a moisturizing version. In general, shampoos that highlight natural ingredients are best. Many women don’t need to wash their hair every day, and often dirty hair can be easier to style, so you may want to shampoo a day or two before the big event and opt for a dry shampoo on the day of.

A heat protectant spray or cream is important if you plan to use a flat iron or blow dryer. If you’re curling your hair, you can use a light hold spray before you start to help the curls last longer.
This may sound like common sense, but most importantly, know your hair type. Choose a special-occasion style that works not only for your outfit but also for your hair. Not all types of hair will be able to achieve any type of styling.

Short Hair
You may think your short cut can’t be dressed up, but that’s not the case; adult hair accessories are in. With a tasteful, creative embellishment you can elevate your look and have fun at the same time. Barrettes and headbands will add a festive pop of color or bling to your holiday outfit and give your short style a little something extra.

Blunt bobs are also trending this year and can be party-ready with minimal fuss, since they offer the versatility of wearing the tousled bed-head look or a sleeker, super-straight effect. Bobs are flattering for a variety of face shapes, because the length and angle of the cut can be adjusted to highlight your best features or detract from problem areas.

Long Hair
Beach waves were fun, but super-straight, glossy hair is the 2019 look for long hair. A quality straightening tool is the key to this style, as well as a shine serum and a fresh trim. Split ends can’t hide when you’re taking the straight route. If you want to play with this look, try a half-up style or a sophisticated low ponytail.

High volume is also trending, so if your hair is curly or thick, don’t be afraid to wear the hair you’re in! Go big, because a bold statement look that embraces your natural volume will be as fun as you are. Just don’t forget the maximum-hold hairspray to avoid late-night drooping.

Creative Color
You just need to look around to see that creative coloring is a hot look right now. Shades of lavender and grey are en vogue, but these can be time-consuming and pricey to achieve. If that’s not in the budget, don’t worry. There are plenty of ways to add a splash of color to your look without the commitment and upkeep.

How do you know if you should incorporate this fun and edgy look into your own personal style? That’s easy. Do you feel like it? If yes, then do it. Women of all ages are trying out bright color accents, bold highlights and other coloring techniques. Many salons now employ color specialists who can guide you to the best technique for your hair and personal style.

The Updo
There’s nothing quite like a well-executed updo, especially if your event is a formal one. Buns, loose and wavy, are a popular look for 2019. For understated elegance, a low, messy bun with a few loose wisps to frame your face is a timeless classic, favored by Royal celeb Meghan Markle and thereby placing it firmly in the trending category.

A chic messy topknot is another high-fashion trend, if imperfectly perfect is the look you’re going for. It looks simultaneously effortless and finished, and doesn’t require a lot of product or special styling tools.

Regardless of the trends, most experts encourage women to embrace their natural hair textures. But if your natural look just isn’t doing it for you, hair extensions may be just the ticket, especially if you are going for a super-long or super-big look. It’s a special occasion, right? It might just be worth the splurge. ■

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