Are You Ready to Go Vegan with Skin Care?

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As the emphasis on and interest in improved health and wellness grow stronger, more women are looking to their cosmetic and skincare choices in an effort to select products that address not only skin concerns or needs but also to make ethical choices based on surroundings and environment.

One area that’s increasing becoming more popular, not only with consumer opinion but also with brands launching products, is the vegan cosmetic industry. With this segment of the skin care industry providing a plethora of skincare products as well as makeup, consumers now have a wide selection of options when it comes to finding effective and natural products instead of the more preservative-laden options found on retail shelves.

What does it mean to wear vegan makeup?
Much like the traditional culinary sense of the word, vegan refers to skincare products and makeup that are made without any animal ingredients or byproducts. Examples of animal byproducts include ingredients such as honey, collagen and even beeswax in addition to colorants that come from various insects or animals. Instead, vegan makeup formulas consist of synthetic or mostly plant-based ingredients.

This is where some might confuse the idea that vegan also means completely plant based. Dermatologists explain that while brands can use essential oils and other natural colorants or scents, vegan brands can and do use synthetic fragrances or color in makeup or skincare products. When you’re shopping for vegan makeup or skincare, look for ingredients such as grapeseed oil, shea butter and other plant-based extracts.

It’s important to realize that vegan doesn’t necessarily mean cruelty-free, which indicates products or ingredients have not been tested on animals, and cruelty-free doesn’t necessarily mean completely vegan. To ensure a product meets personal and ethical requirements, read the ingredient list before purchasing and confirm it’s certified as a Leaping Bunny product, which indicates that a brand is 100 percent free from animal testing internationally and domestically.

Shopping for Vegan Makeup
If you want to start making the switch to vegan makeup and have no idea where to start, you’re in luck; more brands are starting to add new collections that include vegan products. High-end brands such as Tarte, Charlotte Tilbury or Too Faced offer a selection of vegan products as well as affordable and accessible brands such as Milani.

Another advantage of switching to vegan cosmetics is that they are free of many additives that cause sensitivities or irritation in various skin types. For example, you’ll find that vegan products are free of gluten, fragrance, talc and parabens, allowing those with even the most sensitive skin an opportunity to wear a wide range of foundations, lipsticks and mascara.

Non-Toxic and Mineral-Based Makeup
Mineral makeup is one option for those who want to apply natural and beneficial ingredients to the skin. However, since it’s so different from traditional formulas, many are hesitant to change to a powder-based formula.

Making the switch is easier than you might think, according to makeup artists who have transitioned from liquid formulas to mineral-based makeup. There are plenty of reasons mineral makeup might be a better choice; here are some of the most common benefits to consider changing.

It’s versatile. Although it might appear as if you have fewer options with makeup, the possibilities with mineral makeup are more extensive. By mixing the mineral makeup with a liquid of your choice, whether it’s a moisturizer or water, you can adjust the consistency of the formula to match your skin’s needs. Do you have dry or aging skin? A lighter application will cover imperfections or areas of concern without looking heavy or seeping into fine lines. Do you need more coverage? Mix mineral powders with a thicker moisturizer or less water to create more coverage that matches your skin tone.

Mineral makeup lasts longer. Are you someone who doesn’t go through a lot of makeup in a year? Instead of throwing away pricey bottles of foundation or shadows, choose a mineral makeup, which has a much longer shelf life. Because mineral makeup does not contain any organic material, there’s nothing for bacteria to adhere to, making it safe and long-lasting.

It’s healthy for the skin. Due to the simple nature of mineral makeup, there’s nothing in the formula that irritates skin or causes breakouts. For those with sensitive skin or who may be acne-prone, mineral makeup is a great alternative to other formulas that contain irritating ingredients or pore-clogging additives. Mineral makeup is lightweight and doesn’t clog skin’s pores, giving your skin a chance to glow naturally without adding anything that may cause irritation. ■

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