Fitness and Fashion! 2022 Active Wear Trends

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Since life seems to be getting somewhat back to normal, does that mean that loungewear and active wear will take a backseat to fashion? Doubtful, say most fashion experts. The world’s love affair with athleisurewear will continue to evolve, and fashionistas everywhere still want to stay trendy taking Tai Chi or tennis.

A ccording to the NPD Group, an American market research company, the activewear market accounted for 40 percent of all online sales last year. Wearing fitness clothing that makes us look and feel good not only gives us the motivation to work out, but also boosts our self-confidence. Here are a few athleticwear trends you can count on for 2022.

With a pandemic still looming, the rise of leisure athleticwear is still very popular and the trend seems to be moving forward. Athleisure is the fastest growing clothing category in fashion, seemingly driven by a new trend in wellness goals, not to mention celebrity and influencer endorsements on social media. The distinction between activewear and daywear is becoming a very gray line, often giving fashion-forward fitness enthusiasts a chance to collaborate between the two.

2022 is leading the way with an eco-friendly impact. Over the last several years, workout folks have become increasingly environmentally conscious, requiring more clarity about how their clothing is produced while searching for organic and recycled clothing pieces. Some activewear websites even allow users to sort through products by their preferred sustainability methods.

Look for bras to be happy and fun. Cut outs on bras will definitely be popular this year and crop bras will also continue holding the “girls” in place. Keeping with the athleisure moment, trendy fitness people may be seen working out in a crop top bra, then throwing on a comfy cardigan or blazer to run errands or meet for brunch.

High-waisted pants will continue hitting the gym this winter and spring. What did we do without them? Stretch any way you want; these belly covers allow us to look flatter in almost any yoga move. We may not see very many low-waisted bottoms for quite some time, so snatch up a few of your favorites at after-holiday sales or online.
Biker shorts are still going strong for 2022. These skin-tight stretchy shorts may not be for everyone, but once you get used to the silhouette, you can liven the look up with colorful and metallic tops for the winter. If you prefer a little more material around the legs, cropped leggings and bootcut pants will be another great workout option.

All Sizes
Men, women and children of all shapes and sizes are working out, so companies are responding with expanded sizes, lengths and varieties. Many companies are now including plus-size models in their ads and online. Some brands are breaking barriers and directing their advertising to women of all shapes and sizes, including curvy, tall, thin and petite.
In August, Old Navy® announced Bodequality, an effort to offer all women’s styles in sizes 0 to 30 and XS to 4X, all priced the same and merchandised in the same sections of the store as well as online. Other companies are offering similar programs, demonstrating that everyone deserves to look and feel good in their activewear.

It’s no secret that bright colors make us feel good, so as we continue journeying through a pandemic, bold, beautiful colors will still be up for grabs. And, if you’re a fan of the color-block trend of 2021, then you can still do your lunges and squats in monochromatic matching tones in 2022.
Fitness fashion will also be readily available in earthy tones such as browns and greens. Still popular in 2022 are camouflage and animal prints, helping us feel more confident and connected to nature.

Tech Style
Athleticwear can serve many purposes. Modern brands are fusing technology with fitness in order to create clothing, everything from socks to shirts to caps, that possesses some sort of performance-boosting technology while still staying in line with fashion trends.

Companies are optimizing technology with compression material. Leggings and performance tops made with compression help pump blood throughout the muscles, which aids in hypertrophy, force exertion, fatigue management and post-workout recovery. The options are endless and are being worn by professional athletes to everyday exercisers. Tech-driven clothes are continuing to evolve, so taking your fitness game to the next level is easier than ever.

As long as people are exercising, fitness wear will be evolving and progressing to meet the demand. The coming year looks no different. The pandemic has added to the fast track of everyday activewear and by the end of 2022 the athleisure industry is expected to be valued at $83 billion. There will be lots of choices for activewear and fashion is always a part of the workout.

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