Beauty Behavior: 10 Beneficial Ways to Self-Care

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As much as we thought we would be living a more normal life right now (and we’re going in the right direction!), we are still taking precautions.

Our minds and bodies have undergone a lot over the past year and a half, so giving ourselves extra attention this summer can be rejuvenating and assuring. Taking care of our mental state is a must, but adding a few self-care ideas to our beauty routine can hit the spot!

Take Inventory of Your Goods
How often do you look at your beauty essentials and realize you have the necessary, the neglected and the downright disregarded? Don’t overwhelm yourself with unused products that you’re not even certain how they work anyway. Sometimes getting samples and extras can become too much. Go through your products regularly, toss what you don’t need or haven’t used in a few months, and move on to a more streamlined beauty regime.

Declutter Your Supplies
Along the same lines as removing unused products and brushes, when you finally purge your A-list of makeup must-haves, get them organized! Try a new drawer or cabinet space to let your products and supplies be seen. Look for a clear makeup bin or tub to keep the most-used items handy on eye-level shelves and tuck travel items together for your next big trip.

Wash Your Stuff
Disinfecting has been on everyone’s mind these last 15 months, so let’s not forget our makeup! In a recent study in the U.K., researchers found that most of the donated beauty products they tested were contaminated with E. coli and staphylococcus aureus. Washing brushes, applicators and tools regularly with mild soap and water dramatically cleans and sanitizes while making you feel good applying your favorite products.

Mask Up (But in a Fun Way!)
Masking doesn’t have to be the medically mandatory kind. The beauty market is piping fresh with facial masks for any and all skin types. Sometimes a ten-minute mask is all we need to renew our skin and give us a new lease on life! Try a few of the drugstore brands to find a favorite to get glowing and put your fresh face forward!

Schedule an Appointment!
We may say we are going to spend more time on our wellbeing, but we often don’t follow through if it involves only us and our calendar. Call up your favorite hair salon or nail place and make an appointment that you know you will keep. When someone else is relying on us to be there, we are more apt to show up. Plus, we could use the extra attention!

Touch This!
Sometimes all you need is a little touch. If you’ve been tense from all the pandemic pressure, take a muscle break. Book a massage or have a partner put some peaceful pressure on those pulse points. If you’re on your own, buy a foot massager or warm muscle wrap. They are cheap and easy to find at a drugstore or online.

Sun Your Buns
Research shows that sunlight exposure activates the neurotransmitter serotonin, which is connected to boosting our mood and giving a feeling of serenity and focus. Think about and plan activities in the good ole sunshine! Interact with friends, family and pets outside in the sun. Eat your lunch on the patio or listen to your favorite podcast as your take a mood-boosting walk.

Slather the Sunscreen
Even though the rays are good, we need sunscreen as well. Sunscreen isn’t just for the pool. In fact, most experts say to apply sunscreen daily, even if you’re hanging out indoors. And when it comes to self-care, which is basically the habit of maintaining our overall wellbeing, sun care should be ranked at the top of our list. It’s beauty self-care at its finest.

Hair Care
Regular hair maintenance is necessary, but we can step up our routine by applying a deep conditioning mask. A basic version can help replenish moisture and protect against styling damage. Get creative and make your own; try combining hydrating ingredients such as avocado, mayonnaise, yogurt or honey. Check your favorite beauty blogs for recipes.

Peace Out
If you need more than a little beauty pick-me-up, take care of yourself as a whole. Find some calm and serenity by doing what makes you feel good—a pampering bubble bath, a quiet walk in nature or a phone call with a good friend. Sometimes, thoughtful moments are all we need.

Self-care is important now more than ever, but when it comes to upkeep of our beauty routine, there’s definitely something to be excited about. Adding a few new or enhanced ways to pay attention to our beauty routine can lift our spirits and our outlook for the summer. ■

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