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Stone Post Family Dental: A Personal Touch for your Smile

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The emphasis for this practice is right in the name: Stone Post Family Dental. Katie Watson, DDS, and her experienced staff are laser-focused on helping families along their dental health journey. But you and your clan aren’t just another number to them. They treat you like you’re a member of their family and strive to provide you and yours with advanced-technology dental care in a relaxing, spa-like setting. After every visit to Stone Post Family Dental, you will feel confident your treatment was effective and pleasant because you and your family warrant it.

“At Stone Post Family Dental, we’re not running through a routine with our patients. We like to talk with our families and keep an intimate feel to their appointments. We’re focused on making our practice a comfortable place for our patients. We are very aware of how anxious people can be when they visit the dentist and that’s a delicate situation. But we address this by paying close attention to a patient’s needs,” shared Dr. Watson. “Our patients are important to us on a human level, and we’re accommodating. If you have six kids, we’ll plan to see all of them in the same time frame.”

Creating Ease
Dr. Watson adds her patients deserve the most current and results-driven dental treatment available, delivered in a calm setting, far removed from the white-knuckled, armchair grip that many have known. The mission of this Overland Park, Kansas, facility is to offer superior doctor-patient care, state-of-the-art digital technology, attention to detail and thorough discussions about your dental health. Feeling confident about your smile and your dental care is the guiding principle of the staff at Stone Post Family Dental. A part of that confidence comes from the patient being at ease during his/her time in the chair.

“We’re very focused on addressing patient anxiety and the best way to do that is offering distractions such as televisions in the treatment rooms, headphones, music, neck pillows and blankets for comfort,” remarked Dr. Watson. “Nitrous oxide or laughing gas helps people tremendously. Most importantly, we add more time to our appointments so we can slow things down.”

Dr. Watson adds that state-of-the-art equipment is employed to ensure patients receive the best care possible. X-rays are administered with a device called the Nomad, a hand-held X-ray unit. It’s more comfortable and quicker than the past technology some dentists still use, and it requires less radiation to get the job done. That’s good for the patient and the staff. She also points to the digital intra-oral camera that takes photos of a tooth or teeth, allowing better diagnosis. It also assists with patient education because the image is immediately shown to the patient and discussed.

Care for Life
“At Stone Post Family Dental, we offer the same high-standard quality of care to everyone, no matter their age. For the younger patients, we’re looking at determining the long-term goals with their dental care, which could include orthodontic needs,” noted Dr. Watson. “For adults, we focus on restoring teeth in the most conservative way possible, for the best long term prognosis, and stabilizing overall periodontal health. How do we develop a treatment plan to deliver long lasting results? It’s really about preserving the teeth and gums for 30 to 40 years as they progress to their senior years. For our senior patients, we change the treatment perspective and attempt to maintain their dental health. We certainly don’t set them up for work lasting 30 years or longer when income is tighter.”

Newest Restorative Techniques
At Stone Post Family Dental, you can access nearly every restorative or cosmetic dental service available, delivered by a highly trained and knowledgeable staff. Services extend from your cleanings to teeth whitening to Invisalign™. Not only are they focused on the basics of dental hygiene, but they also want to guide patients to develop good oral healthcare to keep overall physical health in a solid state.

“I started my practice from scratch. I didn’t buy this from someone else, and I opened the doors with zero patients,” noted Dr. Watson. “My patients do mean a lot to me because they’ve helped my practice grow from their referrals. My staff and I treat them like people rather than a number walking through the door. It’s this personal touch that makes patients feel better. This is my 11th year in practice, and each and every day we always work at what we do. I believe that our success is measured by our patient referrals.”

When you think of your family’s dental health, think Stone Post Family Dental. From babies to youngsters to parents to grandparents, Dr. Watson and her staff can personally attend to your needs while focused on keeping your pearly whites their best, no matter your age.

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