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Elevated Living: Customize Your Environment and Create Memories

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Think back on some of your fondest memories. Many of them may revolve around croquet or pitch-and-catch in the backyard, sharing scary stories around a fire pit on the patio or relishing a delicious cookout on the deck. According to Parker Whitney of Elevated Living, life is truly better outdoors, and landscaping is more than having it look great. It means providing a space to create lasting recollections.

“Kansas City is a perfect place to enjoy all four seasons, from watching football on the deck to grilling for Fourth of July or simply sitting around the fire pit. Great landscaping is the key to living the outdoor lifestyle in Kansas City,” noted Parker. “At Elevated Living, we’re a premier landscape and design company, and we’re here for the people and the city. I want to help create a new environment or fix issues you might have in your outdoor spaces. We pride ourselves on attending to every detail and creating spaces to be lived in, not just looked at.”

Landscape Design Trends
Parker’s love of landscape rooted at a young age for him. This budding businessman started mowing yards and doing small landscape jobs around his hometown of Wichita when he was just ten years old. He continued his work until he went to Kansas State University, eventually graduating with a degree in landscape design. He spent 12 years in the industry developing his business skill set, which led to the establishment of Elevated Living in 2018. From landscaping, hardscaping, irrigation, lighting, water features and more, Elevated Living is blooming with ideas. Parker is extremely proud of the talent he’s assembled on his staff. Experienced landscape designers and irrigation specialists are up to date on current designs in outdoor spaces and landscapes. His dedicated crews are focused on working the soil or building the hardscape. Everyone concentrates on satisfying the customer with the final, elevated product.

“We pride ourselves on customer service and being as professional as possible. Even though we’re a landscape company, I want this to be a family experience. I don’t want to just install and leave; I want to build relationships with my customers,” remarked Parker. “I want to know about grandbabies or kids or their lives. Helping them build their outdoor living space is a way to do that because there’s no better place to be.”

Evidence of building this relationship is front and center before the first spade turns the ground in your yard. Parker and his team at his Olathe, Kansas, company offer on-site consultation, listening to your wants and needs and constructing a design customized for you. No matter if it’s a patio, pergola or pond, your dreams can be realized with Elevated Living.

“At Elevated Living, we want what the customer wants. Do you want a bar top in your outdoor kitchen? What are your favorite colors? Irrigation install or maybe a fireplace? We’ll make sure it fits the neighborhood guidelines. Right now, water features are huge, and they’re very calming for those who need to relax and reduce stress, but we’ll discuss if you can keep up with the maintenance of that water feature,” noted Parker. “We’re a turnkey company; we can even set you up with a designer to help you plan the flow of furniture in your new space. Our partner company, Aspen, can help maintain the plantings for you and ensure their longevity.”

Parker promises great ideas are growing at Elevated Living, and you’ll quickly understand why it’s Kansas City’s premier landscape company. The designers, landscape architects, project managers and workers are ready to meet your needs with their individualized approach, all while staying within your budget. Only the best materials will be considered for the job, and staff will listen with open ears to create an outdoor space that works for you.

Relationship Focus
“Family is our core value at Elevated Living. We believe our relationships enrich everything we do. From our vendors to our employees to you, we are committed to cultivating strong relationships, keeping people first,” shared Parker. “We love our city and the people in it. That’s why we’re committed to making Kansas City a beautiful place to live and giving back to the community that is so good to us. People come first at Elevated Living and family is everything. We focus on growing relationships with everyone including our employees, customers and vendors. Most importantly, we believe in our city. I love Kansas City and get inspiration from being here. You just can’t beat Midwest hospitality.”

If you’re looking for ways to create outdoor memories, talk with Parker at Elevated Living. He and his team will enjoy helping you elevate your outdoor space to one that’s enticing, more than one that’s simply great looking. Think remembrances and recollections and Elevated Living will blossom in your mind.

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