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KC Hemp Co: A Focus on Natural Healing and Education

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CBD’s Modern Family” is a title Kyle and Heather Steppe wear proudly in the Kansas City community. As owners of KC Hemp Co., an Overland Park, Kansas, store, they take pride in educating customers on the cannabis plant and how it works within the body.

“Our mission is to bring high-quality hemp products and education to the KC hemp market. We spend most of our time educating,” revealed Heather. “When people are correctly educated, our products sell themselves. CBD has the potential to rebalance your body, reduce inflammation, offer natural pain relief, decrease anxiety, alleviate insomnia, suppress tumor growth, aid digestive problems and more.” 

Organic Living
“We decided to get into the business because we were using CBD in our family and found inconsistencies in the products we were buying,” remarked Kyle. “At that point, we knew we needed to help other people and bring a consistent, organic and high-quality product to the metro area.”

KC Hemp Co. sources hemp oil only from USDA-certified organic farms in Colorado. You won’t find heavy metals, pesticides or herbicides. This broad-spectrum THC-free product is packed with copious terpenes and cannabinoids, and it’s manufactured here in the KC area at a USDA-certified organic facility under the watchful eye of Heather and Kyle.

“KC Hemp Co. maintains the strictest oversight and control over our manufacturing processes by using only our own materials. We have complete oversight, and it’s all on us. It’s exactly what we say it is,” advised Kyle. “Before KC Hemp Co., you had to be careful where you selected your CBD oil, but we give our customers peace of mind.”

Helping Quality of Life
The title of CBD’s Modern Family is well earned. Heather and Kyle both turned to CBD oil to help them cope with various issues. The product did so well for them, they agreed to try it on their twins, a boy and girl, to remove them from medications after they revealed signs of ADHD and anxiety. After seeing how much CBD improved her family’s quality of life, Heather decided to devote her energies to helping others stay off pharmaceuticals and live a more natural and holistic lifestyle.

While CBD stores seem to be sprouting on every corner in the KC metro, Kyle and Heather are quick to point out the benefits of visiting KC Hemp Co.

“We are a true family-owned business. Customers tell us it’s comfortable to be here, and we want people to feel comfortable. Our largest customer group is 60-plus in years, but we serve all ages,” explained Heather. “In designing our store, we didn’t want customers to feel like they were walking into a dispensary. We’re a warm and welcoming retail space, and we’ve laid out our store to capture the light.”

“We’re family friendly, and you can bring your kids. Ask us questions. It’s a comfortable spot for all ages to come and learn,” stated Kyle. “You can even bring your pet. We keep CBD treats on hand for them as well.”

Quality and Service Beyond the Metro
In addition to the retail space, KC Hemp Co. fills orders online for all 50 states. From oils and creams to gummies and more, you can rest assured the product you will put in or on your body is broad spectrum THC-free hemp oil of the highest quality standards. Kyle and Heather are also focused on the wholesale side of the business and are migrating their labeled products into other stores, across state lines, that fit their rigorous quality and service criteria. 

As they enter their first year of service to the community, Kyle and Heather emphasize that KC Hemp Co. offers full transparency in the education of its customers about CBD and the benefits of its products. “You won’t find a better oil anywhere else in the metro,” promised Heather.  

As for Kyle, he’s proud that his family’s journey to good health through the use of CBD can be shared with many others to lessen their struggles. “We’re finding this industry has been a blessing. We want to help others while making a living for our family,” remarked Kyle. “In the store, we hear stories about how CBD is working for customers, and I hear those kinds of stories every day.”

Visit the store at 8125 Floyd, Overland Park, Kansas, or order online at