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Elizabeth Jacob Home: Creating Moods and Experiences in Your Space

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Janene Ervin is on a mission to bring back the art of gracious entertaining and thoughtful gift giving. Her company, Elizabeth Jacob Home, assists homeowners in designing welcoming spaces that connect guests and families and in offering the perfect gift for that perfect person.

“Many places can design beautiful rooms for you, but we try to give you the experience you want to feel when you’re in that room. Cozy? Peaceful? Invigorated? Romantic? What are you really wanting?” she commented. “Is it a new couch or a place to unwind with your husband at the end of the day with a glass of wine? That might mean more than plopping a couch in a room. Maybe it’s soft lighting, a cozy blanket, beautiful loungewear, a soothing color palette and more. At Elizabeth Jacob Home, we design experiences, not just spaces.”

Happy Space, Happy Life
The title of her establishment comes from a thoughtful arrangement of her children’s middle names to make them feel included in her new venture. This inclusiveness isn’t lost on Janene’s customers. “We style rooms to fit moods. We can help clients create spaces for a happy life and find wonderful treats to make them and the people in their lives feel amazing,” she shared. “This could be stepping out of the shower onto an incredibly soft bathmat and slipping on a beautiful robe or filling a whole living room with furniture and lighting to bring families together.”

Janene offers a remarkable 30-year background in building and design. During that time, she noted a change as homeowners moved to spaces styled for appearances rather than purpose. Establishing Elizabeth Jacob Home in Overland Park, Kansas, gives her an occasion to change that mindset.

“People wanted their spaces to look like a Pinterest photo but didn’t understand the importance of scale and function,” advised Janene. “Where does the X-box game go? Do you really want your kids in the basement playing games or in the family room where you can keep an eye on them? Let’s design for real life: a place for the TV and for everyone to sit and talk or work. Good design can give you all of it, but planning is a talent that is worth investing in. Getting it wrong is more expensive to the pocketbook and soul than the minimal investment spent in hiring us.”

The Perfect Gift
In addition to design, Elizabeth Jacob Home features an incredible array of retail items, from things to go in your home to items designed to give when you visit someone’s home. “The art of gift giving is evaporating. The etiquette of the hostess gift or special bridal registry for pieces that will last a lifetime was disappearing from Kansas City, and I wanted to bring it back. I wanted to bring back a local store that when people come in, they know they will find just the right thing,” she said. “When the recipient spots the Elizabeth Jacob gift wrap on a box, they can’t wait to see what’s inside. They know the person giving it put real effort into the thought.”

Janene adds her store is very eco-aware, eliminating the use of plastic and featuring organic items. She prides herself on offering top-quality pieces, seen as an investment to cherish for a lifetime. Elizabeth Jacob Home focuses not only on offering incredible household goods and design services but also impressive extras such as custom sewing, free gift wrap, bridal registry and much more. Soon, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with other like-minded individuals at get-togethers hosted at the store.

Extras for Customers
“Starting in the fall, we will offer gatherings and classes to bring our customers together. We already know they will like each other. We will have DIY projects, entertainment ideas and lifestyle classes in the store,” shared Janene. “There is an amazing group of people just looking to create peace, connections and calm in their lives. We want to help people feel good again about their community and each other.”

The KC metro features so many interior design and home furnishings stores, but you’ll notice a special environment walking through the doors of Elizabeth Jacob Home. It comes from the drive and desire of Janene and her staff to help homeowners bring back the art of entertainment and thoughtfulness.

“It’s all about helping clients build relationships in their lives through entertaining and gift giving. Having a beautiful home means nothing if you don’t have relationships to share in it. Your home should not be just pretty rooms with pretty things in it,” remarked Janene. “Also, gift giving is a way to bond and say thank you for having me over to your home. I care about you enough not just to give you a gift card. Everyone wants to feel special and connected.”

Visit the store at 7313 West 95th Street, Overland Park, Kansas, or call 913-677-1920.