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Mystic Kyss and Sprays for Strays: A Gorgeous Partnership at Celsius Tan

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When Celsius Tannery decides to give back to the community, you won’t find it barking up the wrong tree. You may spot a brand new Doggie Jungle Gym on the property of the Greater Kansas City Humane Society, thanks to Celsius Tannery’s Sprays for Strays fundraiser and the generosity of clients looking for a healthy sun-kissed glow.

“Every year we do a charitable initiative for the community because we are locally owned and feel strongly connected to supporting Kansas City. When we ask our clients which type of charity they’d like to support, the responses are almost always related to animals,” recalled Janessa Howell, Celsius Tannery. “This year we partnered with Scott Poore, who’s truly an angel among us and a voice for homeless pets. He formed an organization called Mission Driven, which organizes and promotes fundraisers to meet the needs of local shelters.”

Filling Wishes
The Doggie Jungle Gym, in place now for over a month, had been on the wish list for the Greater Kansas City Humane Society for some time; however, funds were always needed for more pressing demands. When Janessa heard of this need, she knew the clients of Celsius Tannery would want their paws all over it.

“We wanted to do more than a check presentation, and our customers wanted to see their contributions put to good use,” she noted. “The Doggie Jungle Gym is an outdoor play area for dogs to exercise and play while they’re in the shelter, and hundreds of dogs will experience it over its lifetime. The land was already available, so it became a no-brainer for us to fulfill this wish for them.”

Very Fair Exchange
Janessa created the Sprays for Strays campaign, which ran during the month of May. This is an incredibly busy time for Celsius Tannery salons across the Kansas City metro and that meant more dollars to be contributed by clients. Her canine caper provided a free session in the Mystic Kyss premium spray tan units in exchange for a minimum $10 donation to Sprays for Strays.

“Mystic Kyss units were installed last year and they are amazing. Because we have now added the Mystic Kyss to all locations, we wanted to properly introduce this latest and greatest spray tan technology,” remarked Janessa. “We let anyone try it free of charge but they had to make a minimum $10 donation to our campaign. This allowed clients to try something new all while helping a good cause.”

For those who were already clients, other in-store incentives such as product discounts and free upgrades were offered. In total, more than 500 free Mystic Kyss spray sessions were provided in exchange for contributions totaling over $5,000. It was so successful Sprays for Strays will be repeated in 2020.

Tan in Comfort
According to Janessa, the Mystic Kyss premium spray tan units are a considerable upgrade to what you may have tried previously. “It’s a heated unit, offering total comfort while you spray tan, and every session is completely customizable,” she noted. “This unit has unlimited levels of options because you can choose from multiple bronzing shades, fragrances or additional skincare products for your own customized result. And it’s a fast session. You’re in and out in about three minutes. The comfort and customization of the Mystic Kyss will make it a spray tan client’s new favorite.”

Flexible Tanning
Celsius Tannery features various opportunities to attain stunning color at very affordable prices. You can visit for a one-time application or you can purchase a package of services. You might consider indulging in a membership program, giving you unlimited access to all equipment.

If you’re considering developing your skin’s own natural color, you can call upon the knowledge and experience of the Celsius Tannery Smart Tan certified, customer service tanning consultants. These highly trained individuals evaluate your skin type and recommend the appropriate tanning solution to fit your needs. They can also recommend the right type of Celsius sun beds to help you achieve your tanning goals.

Celsius Tannery, with locations across the metro, should be at the top of your list when you’re searching for beautiful, golden-tanned skin, whether with the Mystic Kyss or traditional sun beds. Celsius Tannery and its premier tanning experience will have you looking and feeling your best and perhaps even wag some tails along the way.

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