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Soled by Nikki: A Spot to Shop to Your Heart’s Desire

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When you think of a personal shopper, you may imagine an old movie in which businesspeople hired someone to go out into the shopping world and find a certain suit and tie, an evening gown or ideal handbag for an event.

Now, at Soled by Nikki, enterprising women have a personal shopper at their fingertips. Nikki Oliver makes it her primary goal to greet each customer who walks through her door. Whether they are looking for a certain signature accessory, an outfit to go to the lake or just want to liven their wardrobe, she has the wow factor that will bring a smile to any face!

This quaint boutique is where chic and affordable meet. It’s truly a one-stop shop.

Family Legacy
“My desire to open Soled by Nikki came from two important women in my life. One was my great-great-grandmother, who was always so well put together and very fashionable. She would tell me to make sure I always looked like I had a million dollars in my pocketbook, even if I had only one dollar in there!” she smiled. “She took the few pieces that I owned and made them look like a million bucks. The other was my godmother, who was the best seamstress this side of the Mississippi. She was so poised. She always looked runway ready and was picture perfect. At a young age, she had me reconstructing a pair of pants into a skirt or shorts. Drapes that were no longer used were made into shirts or whatever we came up with. The thimble was my best friend; my duty was sewing on buttons and hemming garments.”

This talented lady also taught Nikki how to make patterns. She had a flair for fashion that stuck with her, and she remembers that as a child, she wanted to dress like these fashionable women when she was older. When she was very young, she set a goal of making clothes when she grew up and that she was going to have all of the shoes she wanted.

More than a Boutique
Her dream was to go to the Fashion Institute of Technology, or FIT, in New York, New York, and start her design career there. Luckily for the KC metro, she set her mind on Soled by Nikki here in March 2018. “We specialized in shoes only, hence Soled by Nikki. As time progressed, I decided to add more items. My desire was for a woman to come to Soled by Nikki and have the greatest shopping experience by being able to purchase everything in one store from head to toe,” she reiterated.

Soled by Nikki isn’t just a boutique. It is a place where relationships are developed. Once you walk through the door, you are family. “My customers also inspire me, and it is imperative to me that when you leave Soled by Nikki, you will leave feeling like a new woman,” she mused. “That feeling could be from sharing a conversation, a hug, some tears or some dancing. We love to dance!”

Aspirations Realized
In November 2018, she opened her new brick and mortar location, which she expressed was the absolute best feeling ever. “My dream had finally come true. The ‘Quaint boutique where chic and affordable meet’ was born,” she smiled. “This has been an amazing journey. To fulfill a dream and see it come to fruition has been so rewarding.

Nikki’s inspiration is definitely her family; she thinks about the legacy she wants to leave and the impact that Soled by Nikki will leave on the hearts of her family and everyone who visits. “I want my grandchildren to know that you can definitely do anything that you put your mind to,” she related. “We have so many new things in store and some great partnership adventures ahead of us.”

Soled by Nikki is located at 12305 Johnson Drive, Shawnee, Kansas. Call 913 543-1396 and find the boutique on Facebook.