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Vitruvian Health: Focused on Treating the Whole Person, From the Inside Out

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Vitruvian Health is the ideal name for this unique clinic. The word comes from the Vitruvian man created by Leonardo da Vinci, whose idea was to create the image of perfection of mind, heart, body and soul. This image depicts a male figure in two superimposed positions, with his legs apart and together, arms outstretched and simultaneously inscribed in a circle and square.

“We strive to help people achieve optimal proportions with body and mind at our clinic,” explained Dr. Donald Braun, board-certified family practice physician and founder. Dr. Braun is also certified in age management medicine, which he incorporates in his work at his clinic.

A lifelong Kansan, he earned his undergraduate degree from University of Kansas, and did his residency in Kansas City at Goppert Family Care. He started Vitruvian Health three years ago after working as a primary care physician for 20 years. 

Time with the Patient
“I became frustrated with not having enough time to spend with patients. Here, we are not rushed,” he smiled. “We talk about the specifics of nutrition and exercise. We have consultants specifically trained in those areas. This is not an experience people are used to in medicine and it is where we shine. We take as much time as necessary to get to know you and understand your goals.”

At Vitruvian Health, staff members take a concierge approach to health and develop a treatment plan that not only helps clients look beautiful but also sets them on a path toward healthy living. With the incorporation of nutrition, exercise, hormone replacement therapy, anti-aging treatments and much more, clients can achieve both dramatic and long-lasting results. From the initial consultation through all follow-up visits, you can expect them to be involved in every aspect of any treatment. 

His Purpose
Dr. Braun became interested in this type of medicine at age 40, when he was diagnosed with cancer. He realized he wasn’t personally taking care of himself and focused on rejuvenation to get himself back in shape. “In the process, our clinic began to get into aesthetics, infusions and biologics. We are not just a med spa, but more of a lifestyle modification clinic addressing lifestyle, sport and aesthetic medicine,” he noted. “We focus on nutrition, exercises and hormonal replacement to balance things out.”

A person may come to the clinic for Botox® or micro-needling and with their process, they spend time figuring out the root cause of the need for these procedures, again, looking at the entire big picture, educating each individual.

Dr. Braun understands that this time of year is when we look in the mirror, as he did 13 years ago, and take control, reevaluate and dedicate yourself to being the best person you can be and improve your own quality of life. “Our motto is ‘Extending lives with quality; extending souls eternally,” he reiterated.

Vitruvian Health is located at 14109 Overbrook Road, Ste. D, Overland Park Kansas. Visit for more information or call 913-291-2110 for a free consultation.