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Dr. Craig Schwartz, Premier Vein & Body by Schwartz: “Each patient is an individual, inside and out.”

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“I’m a leg man!” Dr. Craig Schwartz smiled, revealing his lively, infectious personality. 

He is referring lightheartedly to the fact that he treats varicose and spider veins as a triple board-certified surgeon in vascular surgery, general surgery and phlebology. He was one of the first vascular surgeons to open a dedicated vein center in the KC metro. Prior to that, patients had to have vein stripping in hospitals with days or weeks of hospital time and recovery. Dr. Schwartz was among the first vascular surgeons to begin using outpatient endovenous laser treatment for veins.  

His path took him from his first job in Chicago, through teaching at a medical school in Pennsylvania, then to Florida. His wife convinced him to move her and their then-two-year-old son back home to Kansas City.

“A big problem currently is that many doctors claim to be vein doctors, who do not have specific training or experience in veins,” Dr. Schwartz noted. “The field of vein disease is highly unregulated in that any type of physician can provide diagnosis and treatment for vein disease. An ER doctor, dermatologist, ob-gyn, plastic surgeon or even a primary care doc can  provide vein treatment, despite not being intimately educated and experienced in the vascular system. Also, many med spas advertise spider vein treatment. However, they are often offering only topical laser treatment for spider veins.”  

Sclerotherapy injections are the gold standard treatment for spider veins and must be performed by a trained nurse sclerotherapist or physician. “Premier Vein uses topical laser treatment to clean up some of the tiniest of spider veins that are difficult to treat with the sclerotherapy injections, but it’s never effective for long-term results as the only treatment utilized,” he continued.

All treatment is office-based, along with the initial office visit and any subsequent diagnostic ultrasound testing. Patients don’t deal with hospital buildings, general anesthesia, separate diagnostic centers; treatments are in the comfort and convenience of his beautiful vein and cosmetic laser center. There is never a charge for new patient initial office visits, although those with varicose veins will require an ultrasound exam, which is billed separately to insurance.

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“I care for the patient from start to finish, including the initial consult, ultrasound exam, treatment and post-procedure follow-up,” he continued. “November is a great time to come in so we can get you set up and all the paperwork through before the end of the year. Many people have met or are close to meeting their insurance deductible at this time.”

Since there is such an aesthetic component to vein treatment, and with vast experience with lasers, it was an easy transition early in the practice to add cosmetic procedures.

Offering non-invasive treatments such as SculpSure® and CoolSculpting® and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures, such as Laser Lipo®, Tickle Lipo® and more, Dr. Schwartz can provide you with the best possible results. Premier Vein is unique in that it provides patients with a vast menu of surgical procedures to achieve the patient’s fat reduction, skin tightening and cellulite treatment goals with minimal to no down time in the comfort and convenience of an office setting.

Using precise surgical skills and advanced tools, Dr. Schwartz meticulously designs every detail as he removes unwanted fat, tightens skin and improves cellulite and skin tone. Premier Vein is the only Kansas City-area cosmetic practice with both SculpSure and CoolSculpting, and it offers all three energy options available for liposuction: laser, ultrasound and the newest generation, vibration-assisted.

Custom Care
“We’re devoted to minimally invasive surgical and non-invasive cosmetic treatments, and because we have multiple options available, we are able to customize a plan that will be the absolute best match for a patient’s goals,” Dr. Schwartz asserted. “In addition, we now have the ability to remove fat from problem areas, such as abdomen, hip and thighs, with safe laser technology, called BeautiFill™, and transfer it into another location in the body where more volume is desired, most commonly into the breasts, butt, face or hands. We are using your own body tissue, with no synthetic fillers. Once the fat establishes a blood supply, it is permanent. Compared to historical fat transfer techniques, where the viability of the fat was highly variable, our BeautiFill device provides 90 percent to 95 percent viable fat, so we can fill to what we want with confidence.”

Renuvion™, another new skin tightening device, is a minimally invasive procedure to lift and tighten skin anywhere on the face or body. Plasma helium energy combined with radiofrequency is passed under the skin via a small handpiece; the treated areas can be tightened effectively without the large incisions, down time and potential complications of  traditional plastic surgery procedure. Renuvion can be used on almost any area including the arms, abdomen, flanks, thighs, neck and the face, offering a truly effective low-down-time alternative to a facelift.

When you choose to explore ways to improve the way you look and feel, explore Premier Vein & Body by Schwartz.

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