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Find ‘aNu You’ at aNu Aesthetics™ and Optimal Wellness

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Feeling good. Isn’t that what life is all about? Sometimes, accomplishing this can be difficult. When you want to really feel good, strong and healthy, all systems need to be functioning like a well-oiled machine. Our bodies truly can feel better. Just ask Dr. Cristyn Watkins!

As Founder, CEO and Medical Director of aNu Aesthetics and Optimal Wellness, she is living her vision every day. “We opened aNu ten years ago, when I was Chief Medical Officer of another large practice and an Urgent Care Physician,” she explained. “I was doing aesthetics on evenings and weekends. When I went on maternity leave six years ago, I made the decision to finally do this full time. I had twin baby girls and a two-year-old son at home and gave myself 90 days to see if it would work. After 30 days my schedule was full!”

At that time, she worked alongside Dr. Heather Isom, another physician and a nurse practitioner. She and Dr. Isom still work together and have a very amicable relationship. They have created a space that is comfortable. People who come in want to be there and be a part of what they are doing for the community. 

Well Credentialed
Dr. Watkins is from Kansas City, Missouri, attended KU for her Human Biology Bachelor’s Degree and completed her Doctor of Medicine and Family Medicine residency in New York City and New Jersey. She is board certified in Family Medicine and was Chief Resident and most honored resident of Family Medicine at her training program in Summit, NJ. She is also certified in Integrative, Metabolic and Nutrition Medicine with the School of Medicine and Health Sciences of George Washington University. She focuses her entire practice on advanced medical aesthetics, regenerative medicine, healthy aging and personalized wellness medicine. “I could not do what I do without the support and encouragement from my husband, Jeromy, who is my CFO and runs the house,” she insisted. “We have been married 17 years and friends since age 14.”

She credits her childhood illnesses with inspiring her desire to become a doctor. When she was younger, she had a hereditary blood disorder and was in and out of the doctor’s office frequently due to her immune system. At 13, she had her spleen removed after a severe case of mononucleosis; with the mononucleosis and surgery, she was out of school for four months. 

Passion for Health
“I was always interested in medicine and wanted to strengthen my immune system. I knew I needed to do something to improve myself,” she continued. “It never crossed my mind to do anything else. From that time forward it has never changed.” 

She explains that Functional Medicine works differently. Instead of treating names of diseases and symptoms, she looks at the root cause of the issue going on and treats that. Certain foods and toxins can cause many ailments. She relates that they base their care on four pillars: nutrition, stress, physical activity and sleep. This requires lifestyle modification. 

“We look at the entire body; we don’t split up organs and systems. We treat all organ systems in the body as one because they’re all connected. What happens in one area affects the other,” she continued. “I spend 45 to 90 minutes with my patients. We figure out what is wrong with someone by what they tell us, not just their labs. We look at weight, hormones, fatigue, pain, things that are obscure in the traditional world.”

Requested Aesthetic Treatments
A popular procedure is HALO, in which a fractionated laser is used to resurface the skin. This helps with sun damage and pigmentation. Another is Vivace, which is radio frequency micro-needling that helps with tightening, lines, wrinkles, sagging and stretch marks. Both treatments are for aging skin.

“What sets us apart are our progressive and advanced procedures, including Regenerative Medicine. The body uses itself to heal. PRP, ozone and exosomes that we inject into joints or muscles help with pain, intravenous treatment for systemic inflammation and disease, and topically or injected for innovative aesthetic enhancements,” she reiterated.

Survivor Retreat
aNu Aesthetics and Optimal Wellness is hosting their 3rd Annual Mini-Retreat for Breast Cancer Survivors and Fighters on Saturday, October 23, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Women who currently have or have had breast cancer are invited for a day of education, pampering, relaxation and healthy food to help support them on their journey. Local female physicians will discuss wellness and alternative adjunct options and perform Yogapuncture.  There will also be a special relaxation time to have treatments and  experience a Cacao Ceremony led by a Reiki Master. Attendance is limited to ten women. 

“Each attendee will have a chance to do some self-care,” she smiled. “We try to help with lifestyle changes, offer nutrition information, explore and experiecine relaxation treatments and therapies.”

When you are ready to change your life, give Dr. Watkins a call. It will be well worth it.

aNu Aesthetics has two locations, KC North at 10090 Prairie View Road, KC, Missouri, and River Market at 547 Grand Blvd, KC, Missouri. Call 816-359-3310 or visit