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Sassy Face: Holistic Skin Care

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The word “sassy” is rooted in negative implications from many years ago. But now it’s taken on a more positive meaning of being high-spirited, self-assured and lively. When Summer Serrano contemplated a name for her new skincare studio in Overland Park, Kansas, she settled on the moniker of Sassy Face, which described her confidence to meet the skincare needs of others but also gave a loving nod to the name her grandmother used for her. 

“Thanks to my beautiful grandmother and my sassy little two-year-old mouth, she called me Sassy Face because I was such a little stinker. Little did we know that decades later I would fall in love with esthetics and have the perfect name already in place for my business,” she noted. “My sassiness has toned down a little bit now, but it’s still pretty relevant.” 

Your Individual Skin
Her skincare studio, established five years ago, is located inside Sola Salon on the northeast side of 95th and Quivira and offers a range of services to meet your needs. Summer’s mission is guided by attention to detail with her hands-on treatments as she expertly guides you to great skin or eyebrows and a simplified way to continue that care at home. Whether it’s expertly crafted brows, a guided acne program or relaxing facials, Summer is your go-to expert with a different take on doing the best for your skin. 

“My hands-on approach is eliminating the one thing that others preach and that is exfoliation and attacking the issue from the outside,” she advised. “I’m completely against that and employ corneotherapy to work with the lower layers of the skin rather than the surface because aging happens in the dermis. Essential nutrition is important in those lower layers so I focus on that in my treatments.” 

Skin Integrity
Summer emphasizes holistic treatments for her clients by protecting the integrity of the skin through her salon treatments and educating the client on how to maintain this progress at home. “I don’t tackle the overnight solution to wrinkles being gone in the morning; my holistic approach is non-aggressive and good for your skin. My goal is to have clients comfortable in their own skin and be as healthy as possible,” she remarked. “We want to educate them on what skincare truly has the ability to do because slow and steady wins the race. With time, they will notice the difference and see beautiful skin.” 

Her own struggles with acne led Summer into the esthetic profession more than 18 years ago. Now, she is a certified acne specialist through the national Face Reality Acne Clinic. “It’s a guided program and I take them through it while making adjustments to meet the client’s needs. It’s a very systematic approach where results can be seen in as little as 90 days. I want to keep them off prescriptions and treat their acne more holistically,” Summer said. “This can be a virtual program to give everyone a chance to be seen by someone such as me, who is a specialist in this area. Clients are varied, from teens to pregnant mothers and every gender. Most importantly, we have an amazing 90 percent success rate, which equates to taking the consistent breakout and minimizing the amount of time they’re experiencing it.” 

Best Recommendations
Sassy Face features a litany of top-quality services, but Summer shares the top three treatments that are must-dos at her salon. “I’d recommend the Relaxing Waxing, which gets into a trio of my incredible service offerings: the Signature Brow, mini facial and bikini wax. It’s a time-friendly service that touches on all of the essentials, and it’s frequently utilized. Holistic facials can be one hour or 80 minutes,” she commented. “I wanted this to be simple for clients. You get what you need although the selection may change every time you come in because your skin changes every day.” 

Summer added that the crème de la crème service would be the RevitaPen Dermal Infusion. “I consider this an ‘unpeel,’ a version of the chemical peel in which I feed the skin the nutrition it needs with a month’s worth of collagen. It’s micro-channeling, which is a less invasive version of micro-needling.” 

At Sassy Face, Summer is keenly aware of how she can make brows and skincare more appealing for her clients, not only at her studio but also at home. “We always focus on the positive. I want clients to walk away learning something they love about themselves, and they have a better appreciation for their own beauty,” she shared. “Education is a part of the experience. I don’t only focus on relaxing, but, of course, that’s a bonus. But I want them to learn something about skincare or brows, to be educational without being preachy. I want to simplify everything for them so they can carry on their skincare or eyebrow regimen when they’re home.”

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