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Bleu Grace Designs: Creating Serenity and a Sanctuary in Your Home

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For Twyla Elmore, a leap of faith removed her from a corporate job and set her on the path of pursuing a life-long dream. But the largest portion of that jump was the sense of believing in herself.

“Bleu Grace Designs is my personal mission that’s deeply heartfelt to me. I knew there was something bigger for me than the corporate world, and this was the moment that I needed to do it for me. My family and I prayed about it and decided to move forward with Bleu Grace Designs. Three days before I put in my resignation letter, a huge interior design contract came in that granted this opportunity and confirmed it was the right time. I haven’t looked back,” shared Twyla. “We must encourage women to believe in themselves. We can’t show up for other people if we don’t show up for ourselves first. I received courage, faith and support from my husband and others to move forward in what I believed I was being called to do.”

Twyla’s Gifts
Twyla shares that the name Bleu Grace Designs, featuring the spelling of her favorite color, comes from the French influence in her home state of Louisiana. She adds that “Grace” is her favorite gift from God. Her business thrives as a boutique design studio and styling company, focused on children’s interiors, space organization and much more. She adds that she enjoys bringing life to any space as she calls upon her listening skills, remarkable vision, attention to details and ideas that were cultivated by her parents at a very early age.

“When I was young, my mom decorated for every season, and I’d get a newly decorated room on a regular basis. But then I grew to love the process and I was always ready to create,” she recalled. “My mom would come into my bedroom at 2:00 a.m. and I would be hammering or re-decorating my room. Then, as a teenager, I became the family decorator, consultant and creative go-to gal for projects big and small.”

This mother to two children, Amari and Aziah and stepmother to her “love kiddos,” Ostin and Tamia, recalls that her room became her sanctuary. “When I was growing up, my room became my haven, a place to create, dream and imagine,” she commented. “Now, it has become my passion to create that for other children because they deserve it. It’s important for kids of all ages to have a haven and to identify this spot as their own place, their home within their home.”

Not only does she bring a unique sense of style to any home, but Twyla is also a master at organization. “I love everything about organizing and styling a client’s home. There is a place for everything and that is what I will make happen in a client’s space,” she promised. “I’m available for anything from a pantry, laundry room, closets or space of gathering. I create or design a solution to your organizational needs.”

Listening Between the Lines
While there are many interior design services in the KC-metro, Twyla believes that her company calls upon a deep-seated desire to help others by being a solution to a problem. “For me, Bleu Grace Designs is not just an interior design company; it is my ministry,” she replied. “During a consultation, I listen to what a client is saying and what a client is not saying. I pick up on minor details and try to create an atmosphere that speaks to the entire family. Bleu Grace Designs is not just about the design; it’s about serving each individual.”

Her company informally opened for business in 2018, but this year Twyla took that leap of faith and committed to making this little girl’s dream become a full-time reality. “Truly for me, I blinked my eyes and my whole life changed. While showing up in a role for others every day, I became very unfulfilled and discouraged about my path at my job, so I changed my mind and decided to show up for myself,” she remarked. 

“Faith really does work. I stepped out on my faith and it worked for me. God said yes to my family in the middle of a season of so much uncertainty. When I was a little girl, I dreamed that this is what I wanted to do in my life. Parents, pay attention to your kid’s natural gifts and cultivate them in those areas. One day, they will thank you when they are living out their dreams.”

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