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Imaging for Women: Using Automated Breast Ultrasound Screening Technology for Dense Breast Tissue

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Imaging for Women has a long history of being at the forefront of women’s breast health and overall wellness. The facility proudly shares that for Missouri residents with traditional medical insurance coverage, Legislative House Bill 1682 is now law. It specifies that coverage for certain breast cancer screening and evaluation services must be provided annually to any woman deemed by her physician to have an above-average risk for breast cancer. Also, the bill requires coverage of ultrasound or MRI services when determined by a physician to be medically necessary for any woman with an above-average risk of breast cancer.

Imaging for Women, located at 630 Northwest Englewood Road, Kansas City, Missouri, features quality diagnostic imaging services from mammograms to ultrasounds to bone density tests, with state-of-the-art technology offered in a spa-like and service-oriented environment. A key tool that staff uses to assist women with above-average breast cancer risk is the Automated Breast Ultrasound Screening that’s performed in conjunction with a yearly mammogram.

“We’re able to find small cancers that aren’t visible on mammograms because they’re hidden by dense tissue,” remarked Phyllis Fulk, CFO/Practice Administrator. “This ultrasound gives us a better look at breast tissue because we can see the distortion and identify it. You can’t get that on a handheld device. This is a more thorough exam of the breast.”

“Women with dense tissue are at greater risk of developing breast cancer, but dense tissue is a very common issue. In fact, 50 percent of women in the U.S. have dense breast tissue, which can hide abnormalities in mammograms and result in inconclusive findings,” shared Dr. Allison Zupon. “With the Automated Breast Ultrasound Screening, we can better identify small growths, which helps us close the detection gap. This allows women an improved chance to beat cancer with an easier treatment regimen and keep it out of the lymph nodes.”

Dr. Zupon points out that women who are overweight, smoke, have never given birth, have breast cancer in their families and other factors can also be at greater risk. Given these many causes, it’s vitally important to maintain your annual mammogram schedule and receive the best care possible at Imaging for Women.

The facility also employs the impressive Pristina Dueta machine, exclusive in the Midwest to Imaging for Women. “The patient controls the compression of her breast with a hand-held remote,” revealed Phyllis. “What’s amazing is that when the patient is in control, you get more compression, which results in a better image and less radiation. Multiple years of data show 89 percent of women achieve more compression.”

While the equipment is impressive, the caring and nurturing staff at Imaging for Women sets this facility apart. Many members are breast cancer survivors with extensive experience and knowledge. The radiologists, reading your mammogram and other testing results, are the best in their field. “Our fellowships in breast imaging and biopsies mean after five years of residency training, we then spend one additional year reading breast imaging and learning how to do breast biopsies,” noted Dr. Troy Voeltz. “If you go to other imaging facilities, you might have a doctor who specializes in knees or shoulders reading your mammogram, not a breast specialist. In fact, after an initial qualification, a radiologist can be technically qualified by reading only 960 breast exams every two years. On average, our radiologists read 17,000 mammograms in a year.”

The extensive experience of this group benefits not only your health but your finances, too. “There’s a savings of up to or exceeding $15,000 for performing a biopsy when compared to hospitals, a more affordable price tag. We run real-time eligibility to determine the cost of any procedure at our office,” Phyllis noted. “We can give you an estimate on any diagnostic procedure you have done at our facility.”

Don’t Miss a Screening
The pandemic has forced many to reconsider contact with the outside world, especially when it comes to healthcare. Drs. Zupon and Voeltz report some women forgoing their screenings due to concerns about coming to a medical facility. “We don’t want women to skip their mammograms,” noted Phyllis. “We have a safe environment with heightened sterilization and double masking. We’ve adjusted our workflow to accommodate for social distancing.”

In fact, they’re so dedicated to women receiving mammograms that they’ve offered free screenings to women in need. Through September, Imaging for Women donated more than 135 free mammograms.

Imaging for Women offers state-of-the-art exams with the most up-to-date equipment, board-certified radiologists with expertise in women’s imaging, a complete evaluation with results given to a patient after the exam, a caring, patient-centered environment and competitive pricing, with most insurance plans accepted. Take care of yourself and your breast health by visiting Imaging for Women.

Note: The state of Kansas does not mandate breast cancer screening and evaluation services for women deemed by a physician to have an above-average risk for breast cancer. Check with your insurance provider to determine your coverage.

Visit or call 816-453-2700 to learn more.