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Jorjy: A Carefully Curated, Unique Lifestyle Vibe

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Pam DiCapo’s new store, Jorjy, exudes a vibe brimming with creativity, originality and happiness. Located at 320 West 63rd Street in Kansas City, Missouri, in the Brookside area, Jorjy is a lifestyle shop that offers a fresh take on wallpaper, fabric, art and accessories for the home as well as interior design and to-the-trade partnerships. 

Pam is no stranger to the business world, running the successful children’s boutique and clothing store Lauren Alexandra for more than 25 years. Jorjy is next door, and a shopper can cross from one retail environment to the other while inside either store.

Pam’s Unique Eye
“Jorjy is a home store that features a new, fun concept for shoppers. We offer beautiful furnishings including great art, lighting and bedding, and we sell wallpaper in countless patterns; some are peel and stick for people that have tasteful, upscale apartments,” noted Pam. “Jorjy attracts the homeowner looking for something they haven’t seen in Kansas City, with lovely, well-curated offerings and design services. I go to every major market that is held for this business. Yet, what makes my store, my store, are my design efforts that go into it.”

Pam emphasizes that Jorjy carries an impressive stock of gift items for the woman who seems to have it all. In fact, she has everyone covered when it comes to unique presents for anyone in the family, as well as the family pet. “We sell gifts for men and women and we have collars for dogs or a new feeding bowl,” she noted. “It is also a great gift store for when you’re going to a party. We carry unique inventory that’s filled with outside-the-box items.”

Lifestyle and Home
The uniqueness of Jorjy isn’t limited to its inventory but makes up the entire atmosphere or mood of the store. Pam has crafted a vibe that welcomes customers into a store with a creative atmosphere. You can envision her products in your own home, and her style can easily transition across all design elements.

“I’ve never been in a store like Jorjy, and customers are saying it’s different. It’s an eclectic mix that represents so many different styles and pieces, yet we have created a cohesive environment amongst all the categories we offer. When you walk through the door, it has a Palm Beach sort of vibe, an oasis feel to it, yet it changes as you wander through the space,” shared Pam. “When you are a designer with a home furnishings store, what makes your store different is you. My customers feel at home when they walk through the doors because Jorjy is more about lifestyle than selling you something.”

Change and Transformation
What you may encounter today could be very different when you visit the next time. Pam and her team are constantly remerchandising the space, highlighting a different interior design style and featuring fresh products. Each visit to Jorjy can reveal an innovative and exciting vibe with an opportunity for customers to explore Pam’s creativity and whimsical nature. Her interior design services are sure to meet your needs, and an appointment with her or her staff will have you on a positive journey of setting the right surroundings for your home or room.

“In the back of the store, there’s a design bar with wallpaper books to scan, catalogs to browse and dreams to turn into reality,” Pam shared. “I want each person to have their own style. I’m working for them and not repeating the same design. Each room is a unique piece of art. It’s for them and not for everyone else.”

Visit the store at 320 West 63rd Street, Kansas City, Missouri, call 816 561-2272 or visit the website at