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Imaging for Women: State-of-the-Art Care for Breast Health

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Breast health is one of the most important segments of a woman’s total wellness program. It’s so critical government mandates that private insurance companies provide women with yearly mammograms to maintain good breast health by catching abnormalities before they become issues. Your yearly mammogram is imperative, and you deserve to have your results read by the highly trained radiologists at Imaging for Women.

“At Imaging for Women, you will have a breast expert read your exam, and we practice a highly personalized type of medicine. While you are here, we discuss your risk factors, your breast density and review screening strategies for you,” shared Dr. Allison Zupon. “The radiologists talk with each patient so she understands her health and the plan going forward before she leaves. Questions are thoroughly answered, and patients are comfortable with the information they receive. The reports are written in layman’s terms you take with you.”

Breast Specialists
“Our fellowships in breast imaging and biopsies mean after five years of residency training, we then spend one additional year reading breast imaging and learning how to do breast biopsies,” noted Dr. Troy Voeltz. “If you go to other imaging facilities, you might have a doctor who specializes in knees or shoulders reading your mammogram, not a breast specialist. In fact, after an initial qualification, a radiologist can be technically qualified only by reading 960 breast exams every two years. On average, our radiologists read 17,000 mammograms in a year.”

“Women need to know that they can ask, ‘Who’s reading my exam today?’ ‘Is an expert reading my test results?’” remarked Phyllis Fulk, CFO/Practice Administrator. “At our facility, you don’t come in, have your mammogram and get your results a week later. Our patients get results while they wait. For a normal mammogram, women can be in and out in 30 to 45 minutes with their results. If we find a concern, we can work something up that day and, if necessary, take them all the way to biopsy in that initial appointment.”

Imaging for Women, 630 Northwest Englewood Road in Kansas City, Missouri, features quality diagnostic imaging services ranging from mammograms to ultrasounds to bone density tests, with state-of-the-art technology offered in a spa-like and service-oriented environment. Staff is focused on making patients comfortable while waiting for their assessment in cozy changing and exam rooms. Exams are performed by highly trained technologists. In fact, many of the staff members are breast cancer survivors. Phyllis notes that technologists are compassionate and very sensitive to women’s health care.

Pristina Dueta
Not only is the staff highly trained, but Imaging for Women employs the latest high-tech equipment to gather results. One is the impressive Pristina Dueta machine, and Imaging for Women is the only imaging center in the Midwest to have this new technology. “The patient actually controls the compression of her breast with a hand-held remote,” revealed Phyllis. “What’s amazing is that when the patient is in control, you get more compression, which results in a better image and less radiation. Multiple years of data show 89 percent of women achieve more compression.”

Forty percent of women in the U.S. have dense breast tissue, which can hide abnormalities in mammograms and result in inconclusive findings. If that’s the case for you, Imaging for Women offers a second test employing Automated Breast Ultrasound Screening. While this assessment shouldn’t replace mammograms, it can reveal other issues hidden by dense tissue.

While one might expect a high price tag to cover these remarkable services, equipment and unique atmosphere, Imaging for Women doesn’t charge exorbitant prices. Phyllis reports a savings of up to or exceeding $15,000 for performing a biopsy when compared to hospitals, a price tag more in line with what women can afford.

Caring and Affordable
Imaging for Women provides expert care for its patients, and its intense commitment to the community means free or reduced-cost screenings for women. “Since we opened our center, the radiologists have given $4 million in free care to the community,” commented Phyllis. “We’re a small center with two radiologists and a small staff on top of that. Yet, we give so much back to the community and our staff, which creates the positive environment we have at our facility.”

“You’ll see the difference in a center that’s focused on women while providing the highest level of care,” remarked Dr. Voeltz. “Imaging for Women offers kind and thorough care; women can be confident in the attention they will receive.”

“Women get expert care in a comfortable and compassionate environment at an affordable cost,” shared Dr. Zupon. “We accept most insurance plans.”

If you’re looking for state-of-the-art exams in a caring, patient-centered environment with the most up-to-date equipment, board-certified radiologists with expertise in women’s imaging and a complete evaluation with results given to you after the exam, then schedule your annual appointment with Imaging for Women. You and your health deserve this level of attention.

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