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MaxLife Weight Loss & Body Balancing™: It’s Not a Diet; It’s a Lifestyle

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In the midst of planning your wedding, have you found tasks being checked off except the goal of fitting into the dress of your dreams? Wedding planning can be both fun and stressful, leading to weight gain instead of weight loss. But there’s still time to accomplish more in your personal health and fitness than you might think.

MaxLife, a technology-driven weight loss and body balancing clinic in Overland Park, Kansas, takes the guesswork out of achieving your weight loss goals at a rate that is unparalleled by any means available, aside from surgery. Typical weight loss results for females are 17 to 24 pounds in only 30 days. These are typical results, meaning some people lose more. Technology-based customization is central to the program’s effectiveness. Just as your body is unique, so is the program you will follow. It’s completely customized to your body’s specific needs and challenges.

Clear Path
“Our program puts you on a path to lose weight, look good, live great and love well so you can be the best version of you on your big day, as you start your new life. In as few as 30 days, you can see drastic changes in your health, your vitality and your waistline,” said Dr. Darin Upchurch, owner, MaxLife. “You will look better, get healthier, have vitality and have the kind of energy you deserve.”

Whether you’re a soon-to-be bride or someone looking for a healthier lifestyle, consider MaxLife, Kansas City’s leader in technology-based health, wellness and weight loss as your first choice. Thousands have employed the MaxLife Weight Loss & Body Balancing™ exclusive method, developing a healthier lifestyle through technology-based body balancing delivered through individualized plans. The program is designed to create optimal internal health at the cellular level through technology, which you can’t get anywhere else. MaxLife works for everybody because every body needs balance.

“We’re focused on improving your internal health through the use of technology to keep you in optimal health, forever, with our targeted approach,” noted Dr. Darin. “Your body is constantly aging, hormones are always changing, and you’re exposed to toxins on a daily basis. Our technology will help you target these life constants. Additionally, it will help determine the proteins, vegetables, and fruits your body has a biological preference for in ranking order. MaxLife is an opportunity to reduce your overall aging process.”

A Road Map
The program’s central focus is helping you regain your health and enabling you to feel better. Patients experience increased energy levels, better overall mood, weight loss and better sleep patterns. Some have even discontinued or significantly reduced medications as they overcome their health challenges. The key is returning your body to a state of internal balance so it can function as it’s meant to do. Dr. Darin points to the four E’s as the roadmap for good internal health.

“ESTABLISH. We determine your why, as you share why you’re in the place you are in, what conditions you’re dealing with and what you’re suffering from: depression, anxiety, reclusive behavior, medical conditions, high cholesterol, diabetes, menopausal symptoms, sleep disturbances, skin disorders and arthritis. Maybe you want to live longer so you can watch your grandkids grow up. It’s important to know your why so we can help you achieve the life of your dreams.

“EDUCATE. We’ll review the results of your BioMetric Body Analysis, which determines body fat percentage, visceral fat (dangerous belly fat and fat around your organs), metabolic age (how efficiently your body is burning calories) and cellular hydration levels (most people are severely dehydrated). If your cells aren’t working for you, they’re working against you. Remember, they’re either getting closer to health or closer to death, but they aren’t stagnant. We’ll also review your household toxin scan by discovering the top ten household toxins that may be affecting your body’s ability to lose weight. Your body holds onto fat to protect you from toxins. You can’t lose weight if you’re toxic.

“EMPOWER. You’ll set 30-day, 60-day and one-year goals. You’ll realize you can and will be able to achieve the goals we set together with our help through consistent, solid and trustworthy leadership.

“EXPERIENCE. Together, we’ll set the expectations of what you’ll experience on our program. You’ll believe in yourself to achieve positive results, develop the confidence to win, and create an attitude of success providing hope for a healthy future.”

As you prepare to walk down the aisle, could there be any better time than now to experience substantial and lasting changes in your health accompanied by 15 to 35 pounds of weight loss or more in a month? “There is no better time than the present and the results are permanent,” remarked Dr. Darin. “Once you restore balance in the body and recognize the changes we create for you, the weight doesn’t come back.”

Visit the office at 11014 Quivira Road, Overland Park, Kansas, or call 833-MAX-LIFE.