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Erin Jessup and Jessup Homes: Creating Their Unique Market Niche

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The chaos of having a million things going on gives Erin Jessup motivation to do the best job she can as a Realtor. She thrives on the hustle and grind of the job; she enjoys meeting interesting people and experiencing different situations every day. “There is something about real estate that brings out so many events I would have never thought to be a part of,” she smiled.

A Kansas City native, Erin studied fashion merchandising at the Art Institute of Chicago, Illinois. She coordinated large brand launches and fashion shows for new and upcoming designer collaborations while attending the Art Institute. She also managed a specialty boutique for several years before growing her client base to personal styling at Nordstrom. 

Experience and Verve
After graduation, Erin returned to Kansas City and was presented with an opportunity for portfolio and property management. Her background in portfolio management is extensive and diverse, as she has managed properties such as Kansas City’s cosmopolitan downtown lofts, housing supplemented by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, single family rentals and complexes with over 800 units.

She credits her design background with her ability to deal with chaos. “There are many hats you have to wear in fashion when putting together a show for a designer or as a buyer for a client; juggling many things on your plate becomes second nature. And of course, having a design background and being a creative brain by nature helps me tremendously in helping clients stage and decide what repairs to make to get the biggest bang for their buck,” she explained. “Having been married to a builder for a few years, I have insight on cost and knowledge of remodeling, the process, my Rolodex of contacts and being an expert with choosing design aspects. I am a one stop shop!”

Perseverance and Knowledge
She understands that the current market is competitive and can be intimidating. The best way she can help her clients is to be persistent and proactive on their behalf. She stressed that agents definitely will know who she and her team are, and they will demonstrate why their buyer’s deal is the best one they will get. “I help my buyer clients in this market by always being available and their biggest cheerleader. The days of getting the first house you submit an offer on are gone, at least for a while,” she confirmed. “I set expectations of what the road will look like, and what we are up against. I am incredibly transparent on how we need to be prepared so that we have every tool in our back pocket to use at a moment’s notice. This market is not an amateur market. If you want to buy a home right now, you better have all your ducks in a row.”

For her seller clients, she assists with taking the burden off them. The process is extremely overwhelming for a seller right now; Erin helps clients prepare their homes to go to market and typically has more than 80 people go through the home, producing multiple offers.  

What inspired her to open her own business? “Divorce,” she replied simply. “I know that’s an unorthodox answer or reason but it’s honest. My divorce is the best thing to happen to me,” she asserted. “I never wanted to have my divorce define me. If anything, it just defined my story. It’s a blip on the map. Life gave me lemons, so I bought some sugar and made lemonade, which means I hired a sales team and made money. It was a no brainer.” 

Support for Buyers and Sellers
She believes the industry will soon be less crowded with agents. The pandemic and inventory shortage will force part-time agents out. Buyers and sellers will need strong agents that are knowledgeable. She advises buyers and sellers to ask questions and trust their agent, whose first priority is their interest and protection.

“They have done this process a million times; that’s why you hired them,” she reiterated. “We are in the industry 24/7. We hear what other agents are doing, what trends are working and not working for other clients. At the end of the day, we want you to sell or buy your home. We work for free until you close. Why would we want you to fail?”

This adventurous spirit has chosen pink as her brand color because she decided she wanted to have a brand that represents femininity and use that to her advantage. She goes by the adage that women can be feminine with pink, chic and classy and still be taken seriously. She never wants to simply blend in. 

“Gone are the days of traditional real estate marketing and roles. I am creating my own niche in the market and loving every minute of it. My team and I do everything we can to facilitate the process for my sellers and lessen the burden for them,” she insisted. “And we do the same for our sellers.”

Erin Jessup and her team are prepared to help you close on your home sale; give her a call today.

Visit, RE/MAX Infinity, 15280 Metcalf Avenue, Suite 100, Overland Park, Kansas, or call 913-488-9337 for more information.