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The Brow Art of Dax McLoughlin

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Her great-grandfather uprooted his family in the United States to build one of the modern engineering marvels of the world, the Panama Canal. Her grandfather cemented her Latin American heritage by marrying a Panamanian woman. She grew up in this country until the age of 16 when she immigrated to the United States. For Dax McLoughlin, the influence of her Panamanian roots is strong, reflected in her hard work ethic, dramatic artistic style and love for people. Her Latin American flair for life is evident at her business, Luxury Brow KC.

“My business objective at Luxury Brow KC is to offer one-on-one brow service to a client. I have many clients who are perfectionists about their looks, and I want them to walk out of here and be wowed with the result,” she remarked. “I love permanent makeup and brows, and I love what my work does for my client’s self-esteem.”

Dax’s Title
Dax is extremely confident in her luxury brow boutique, featuring permanent cosmetics for lips, eyes and brows and numerous other brow services. In fact, she’s bestowed on herself the title of Brow Queen. “I claim the crown because I’m confident in my ability because of my maturity and experience. I listen to my clients, and I do what they want. I’m client-focused, yet I’m upfront in the way I speak,” noted Dax. “If you don’t like the final result, then come back to me and tell me. Don’t be afraid. I want you to be happy and confident.”

Dax has been in the beauty industry for more than ten years and a business owner for about that same amount of time. She enjoyed partnering in the spa business in Hays, Kansas, for about five years. Then she took the plunge and opened her own business, which she ran for five years. In June 2019, she sold the company and came back to Kansas City.

“I moved to KC for about six years and fell in love with the city. Then my husband and I moved to western Kansas for work, but I knew I would come back because I love it here,” recalled Dax. “We have some of the nicest women in this city who are so genuine and uplifting. When I say I’m passionate about being here, I mean it. I am absolutely certain I will stay here because I love it.”

Brow Trends
Her studio is conveniently located in the Crossroads at 620 East 18th Street, Suite 202. Dax has plenty of clients to keep the business flowing, which she describes as an art form. “I want to do a brow that fits your face; it’s not a cookie-cutter style for you,” she stated. “Big, bold brows are in and that’s my specialty. They help you look younger and frame your face. Most of my clients are women 35-plus with the discretionary income for these services. When I do a client’s brows, it can make them look ten years younger.”

She’s honed a keen eye on the brow business, always observant of the latest trends. She shares that henna tinting of the brow, which lasts for several weeks, is huge right now as well as brow lamination. “Brow lamination is a process in which you relax the eyebrow hair to manipulate and shape it to flatter the client’s face. A lot of people have brows that grow down but to achieve the fluffy brow style, lamination allows you to comb the hairs straight up and they’ll stay that way for weeks,” she advised. “Basically, it’s a perm for your eyebrows, and it’s for men and women, especially men. As men age, their brows grow coarse and unruly and lamination helps to tame them.”

Flexibility and Confidence
Dax offers free consultations, completed in person or via the phone with photos shared through texts. She also offers the ability to schedule a free pop-up brow bar for business or social events. Dax promotes these happenings on her social media outlets, and you’re welcome to stop by for a discussion.

There are many salons offering brow services in the KC metro, but there is only one Dax McLoughlin with her Panamanian flair and panache. Work with her to discover if a new style for your brows can take years off your look. “I know what I’m doing, and I’m very confident when it comes to brows. I know my products and skin types very well, and I understand how permanent makeup works on each skin type and how you’re going to heal. Not every skin type can take permanent makeup,” stated Dax. 

“It’s not just about brows; it’s about building a relationship with my clients, too. I want Luxury Brow KC to be known as the luxury brow service, focused on one-on-one attention and always on top of the newest brow trends.”

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