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Celsius Tannery: All Aflutter with Hush Lash Studio

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For years Celsius Tannery has been on the cutting edge, featuring 100 percent UV-free spray tanning and state-of-the-art sun beds for natural bronzing in the Kansas City market. Now Celsius Tannery is expanding its offering of fantastic services with the addition of Hush Lash Studio at the Parkville, Plaza/Westwood and Lee’s Summit locations.

“Celsius Tannery has been serving the Kansas City market for over 20 years, but we’re always looking to evolve and expand. Adding Hush Lash is just one more way to meet the needs of our customers,” added Janessa Howell, Celsius Tannery. “Hush Lash started in Canada and has recently begun expanding into the U.S. It’s a very complementary offering to our tanning services. Many women who come in to look their best through spray tanning or tanning see Hush as another option for them, and it’s been incredibly popular. It’s a lifestyle, just like getting your nails done.”

Beautiful Fringes
Now you can be all aflutter with longer, thicker and fuller lashes from Hush Lash Studio. Hush describes the process as a “semi-permanent way of lengthening and thickening your natural eyelashes without the need for mascara or curlers.” Synthetic extensions are applied, one by one, to your eyelashes for a natural look. Hush lashes are curved to replicate your own eyelash and are virtually weightless. Services offered include Full Lash Set, Touch-Up, Re-Lash and Lash Removal. Not only can you show off long gorgeous lashes, Janessa says it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to have them.

“Extensions can be very expensive, some running on average a couple of hundred dollars for the first set. But at Hush Lash Studios, affordable eyelash extensions are available,” commented Janessa. “Your initial lash set is only $59.99. Then to keep your look, we have member and nonmember pricing. A membership runs only $19.99 a month, and you can come in for a re-lash at only $39.99. A non-member pays $79.99. Whichever way you choose, you’re going to get incredible and dramatic lashes at an excellent price.”

Applied by Experts
But don’t think that you’re getting less for this incredible price. Each set of lashes is created from the finest synthetic materials available, applied with Hush’s propriety adhesive. Only highly skilled and trained stylists apply your lashes. “Our stylists are all licensed estheticians or cosmetologists,” remarked Janessa. “Everyone we hire goes through a complete Hush corporate training program, which includes six to eight weeks of intensive training along with practice applications, and we have employment opportunities available now.”

With steady hands and special tweezers, stylists apply extensions to your lashes, one by one, taking about two hours for a full set. Much depends on the look you want to achieve: classic or volume. Either one is very natural, created with fuller and thicker lashes in different lengths and curls. Janessa notes that stylists can review sample looks with clients and advise them on the lash design that will best meet their needs. Upkeep can be a quick stop at Hush Lash every few weeks.

“Everyone is a little bit different because eyelashes grow in differently. On average, we recommend coming in for a re-lash every three weeks, although we do offer a touch-up seven days after service,” shared Janessa. “Really, it depends on the client’s preference and their schedule. But many find they save time every morning getting ready because the biggest benefit is that you don’t need mascara. In fact, your eyes may be so dramatic you may decide that you need minimal face makeup.”

Better Spray Tanning
In addition to Celsius Tannery adding Hush Lash Studios, Janessa reports that locations have installed new premium spray tan units called Mystic Kyss, a considerable upgrade to what’s currently offered. “It’s a heated unit, offering total comfort while you spray tan, and every session is completely customizable,” she noted. “This unit has unlimited levels of tanning because you can choose from multiple bronzing shades, scents or additional products for your own customized result. And it’s a fast session. You’re in and out in about three minutes. The comfort and customization of Mystic Kyss will make it a spray tan client’s new favorite.”

If you’re considering developing your skin’s own natural coloring, you can call upon the knowledge and experience of the Celsius Tannery Smart Tan-certified customer service tanning consultants. These highly trained individuals will evaluate your skin type and recommend the appropriate tanning solution to fit your needs. They can also recommend the right type of Celsius tanning equipment to help you achieve your tanning goals.

Celsius Tannery, with locations across the metro, should be at the top of your list when you’re  searching for the best look possible, whether it’s beautiful, golden-tanned skin or fluttery and voluptuous lashes. Celsius Tannery with its premier tanning experience and Hush Lash Studio with its gorgeous lash extensions will have you looking your best from head to toe.

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