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Plaza Dental Implants: The Right Combination for a Wonderful Smile

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For Bruce Twaddle, DDS, and his staff at Plaza Dental Implants, treatment always starts with the end in mind. Located at 4546 Main Street, Kansas City, Missouri, Dr. Twaddle leads his experienced team providing customized dental implants supported by the latest state-of-the-art technology available in dentistry. For each of his procedures, Dr. Twaddle strategizes how the final implant will look and function for a patient, while mapping out the entire process before any work begins. His detailed effort merges precise treatment planning and perfect positioning for your implant, bridge or crown.

Planning with Detail
Dr. Twaddle calls upon an extensive skill set and some of the most advanced dental equipment, including the Dental Cone Beam CT. This allows Dr. Twaddle to analyze and measure in a single scan the dental structure, soft tissue, nerve paths and bone in the area. It’s critical for successful outcomes because implants are only as good as the surrounding bone. Images obtained with Dental Cone Beam CT allow for more precise treatment planning.

“We have a clear vision of the outcome before we begin building a case for a dental implant, and the Dental Cone Beam allows us to reconstruct everything in 3-D. Conventional X-rays are one-dimensional, offering no depth of field and no detail on the condition of the bone. The Dental Cone Beam takes a series of slices and puts them together in full 3D to offer guided surgeries with the highest degree of confidence, eliminating human errors,” he shared. “It’s very affordable and the amount of radiation is about one-tenth the radiation a woman receives during a mammogram. It’s an incredibly low dosage for the huge amount of information we receive.”

Newest Technology
Dr. Twaddle also points to the Trios Intraoral Scanner as another state-of-the-art tool to utilize when building his cases. With fast and accurate imprints in realistic colors, impressions can be more accurately built. In addition, he highlights the top-quality materials the staff uses in creating a dental device.

“Some practices ship their cases out to a foreign country that doesn’t have the same standards that we do in the United States. At Plaza Dental Implants, we want the best, the highest grade of materials, approved by the FDA, when building out our cases,” Dr. Twaddle noted. “We don’t take shortcuts to save money. That’s important to us because we must have confidence in what we’re putting in a patient’s mouth. We’re going to use the best because these products will last. Our dental implants are the most permanent solution available that puts the patient into a healthy, sound environment that’s
aesthetically pleasing.”

Always Improving
At Plaza Dental Implants, the desire for continuing education and training is the basis of a successful treatment regimen. Dr. Twaddle has been completing dental implants for nearly three decades, resulting in 3,000 implants placed. He points to his educational foundation as a huge portion of that success.

“I don’t ever stop learning and much of that is through hands-on continuing education,” he remarked. “Each year my surgical assistant, Rachel Tobin, who’s credentialed as a dental implant assistant and treatment coordinator, and I are on track to complete 50 to 60 hours of continuing education with the International Congress of Oral Implantology. Our participation brings us into contact with the latest technology and developments.” Dr. Twaddle adds that his dental implant experience is so profound he’s earned Diplomate status with that organization, a position achieved by less than five percent of all members. He has lectured locally and internationally on the topic of dental implants.

Because Plaza Dental Implants begins with the end in mind, there are no surprises when it comes to the cost of a procedure. Plaza Dental Implants works with new patients as well as those referred by local dentists. “The perfect equation for success at Plaza Dental Implants is our team combining our knowledge and skill with our state-of-the-art equipment, which equals a patient’s wonderful smile,” stated Dr. Twaddle. “Smart patients look around, investigate and even get a second opinion. We’re open to that because we feel we are the best option. In the long run, we want the same outcome as the patient, a beautiful, pleasing smile.”

And if trips to the dentist alarm you, Dr. Twaddle reports the implant process is not a traumatic experience and typically results in only minimal discomfort. After the procedure, anti-inflammatory medications such as Advil and Tylenol are usually all that are required.

If you’ve been longing for a lifetime of perfect smiles but you’re missing one or more teeth or you wear dentures, check with the staff at Plaza Dental Implants. They’ll map out a great ending for you, featuring teeth that look, feel and function like your own, that will last a lifetime.

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