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Just Sayin’

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My kids love to be at home. I could offer up several fun suggestions of things to do and nearly every time, they opt for staying in. 

Works for me at this point in my life because the older I’ve gotten, the more I’m right there with ’em! I love to be at home. A cozy night on the couch with my Sherpa blanket, snacks and Kindle? Color me happy.

I haven’t always felt this way. My parents split up when I was around eight years old. I spent Mondays and Tuesdays at my mom’s house, Wednesdays and Thursdays at my dad’s house, and alternated weekends. I never felt like I truly had a place of my own. I felt like I had temporary bedrooms in temporary houses. I longed for stability.

Now, here I am with my very own family and my very own home. I have thoughtfully decorated each room to feel warm, safe, cozy and calm. Every day as I walk from room to room, I feel extremely proud of the space I’ve created. I love that the personality of our home reflects exactly who we are. We’re a group who works hard, plays hard and loves hard.

I say this all the time; I could live in a cardboard box as long as I have my family. I have everything I need. It doesn’t matter the size of the home or the budget allotted to decorate it; it’s all about the love that fills it up.

Written by Q104 Personality: Jenny Matthews

Jenny Matthews was on the air at Mix 93.3 for 15 years and recently moved to Q104 to co-host The Morning Drive with Mike Kellar + Jenny Matthews, 6:00 to 10:00 a.m., Monday through Friday. Check out her podcast, Real Life with Jenny Matthews, follow along with her blog and connect at