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The Skin Lab: Taking Beautiful Skin to the Next Level

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The Skin Lab is a place of skincare discovery and advanced scientific innovations where you can enjoy the benefits of a relaxing experience with sought-after skin rejuvenating and anti-aging skin treatments. Our products and services are designed to excite my clients with proven results that they have never seen before in a face and/or body treatment. Whether you want instant radiance for a special event or a complete skin overhaul, these are the best facial and body treatments that employ both pioneering technology and a heavenly healing touch. Aging gracefully has never been easier. 

I am an expert esthetician and will guide you through your skincare journey with education on ingredient science, also finding the best products and/or modalities to address your skin concerns. The Skin Lab’s technologies are luxury natural treatments. Taking a research-driven, solutions-based approach will give the best results for any tricky skin issue. Know that you couldn’t be in better-qualified hands. 

A mirror is more than an objective reflection; it is a portal into our own understanding and perception of ourselves. I value the inner and outer self of each individual when beginning a treatment plan. I will guide you through the process of improving your physical and mental well-being. Get in touch and experience the difference for yourself!


6910 W 83rd Street
Overland Park, Kansas 66204