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Safehome: Be The Love Initiative Allows Survivors a Lifeline

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“Nine months ago, Safehome provided shelter for my three children and me. I had left with $43 and what I could fit into my little car. Keep focus and know you make a difference! Life is beautiful on the other side. Thank you!” (name withheld for client privacy)  

This is just one of the many examples of gratitude Safehome team members have received from former residents and survivors of abuse. “Knowing that the work we are doing in our community and behind our shelter doors is truly saving lives, is what it’s all about for our team at Safehome. Receiving inspiring messages of success and healing is everything you could hope for; it’s why our Safehome team is so passionate and dedicated to the mission. It makes the hard days a little easier, and the good days even better,” said Heidi Wooten, Safehome President and CEO. 

As the ONLY domestic violence agency in Johnson Country, Safehome has a lot of ground to cover to make sure everyone knows this 24/7 agency is here to help 365 days a year. That’s why they created the Be The Love with Safehome initiative. Over the past year, countless individuals, community partners and businesses have reached out to ask, “How can I Be The Love with Safehome?” 

 Over the past year, Safehome has seen a significant increase in awareness within the community with the help of the Be The Love initiative. The simple act of taking a photo with a bright and fun sign, a symbolic show of support, has helped this grassroots effort take off. Most importantly, it takes away the stigma and shame and allows victims a lifeline, letting them know they are not alone on this journey. 

“We truly have some of the biggest hearts in Kansas City rooting for the clients and children in our care here at Safehome. Our efforts to make a positive impact are made possible because of the support of our community. It’s inspiring to see so many people getting involved. They are reaching people in our community that need to know Safehome is here to help with open arms, waiting to embrace them with love, acceptance and support,” said Megan McGee, Director of Community Engagement.  

Safehome invites you to get involved in this year-round initiative to help save lives and make the difference for survivors of abuse and their children. Raising funds with the Be The Love initiative helps this lifesaving domestic violence agency continue to provide all services free of charge. By providing a 24/7 hotline, shelter, therapy, legal assistance and advocacy, Safehome is working hard to remove any barriers that would keep someone from leaving an abusive relationship.

If you’d like to join members of our community like Sport Clips, Stem I and II Salons and Groundhouse Coffee, and Be The Love with Safehome, please visit and click on the Be The Love tab.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. If you’d like to help make the difference today, please make a donation using any of the following options: text LOVE to 243725;  Venmo@support-safehome. Your support and LOVE are saving lives.

Raising critical funds through the Be The Love initiative helps Safehome provide FREE services.
• 24/7 Hotline

• Shelter
• Therapy
• Legal Advocacy
• Hospital Outreach Support

How Can You Be the Love?
• Hosting donation drives for essential shelter needs.

• Creating fundraising and team-building opportunities among coworkers and friends.
• Attending annual Safehome fundraisers and third-party events.
• Sharing Safehome social media posts to help raise awareness.
• Donating critical funding to ensure ALL Safehome services remain free of charge.
• Taking a photo holding a Be the Love sign and sharing with #bethelovewithsafehome