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MaxLife Weight Loss and Body Balancing: Unique Technology, Personalized Approach

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MaxLife Weight Loss & Body Balancing has combined technology with natural healing — and has plenty of success stories and patient testimonies to share. They have created an exclusive program based on technology that helps people regain their health in a natural way. Whether young or old, patients at MaxLife are rebalancing their internal critical health factors, losing weight, overcoming health challenges, reducing medication and gaining back their health, wellness and longevity!

The technology and program are 100 percent unique to us,” says Heather Klepfer, Co-Founder and Wellness Coach, referring to the BioMax Technology. “There are NO chemicals or drugs. NO blood work. NO urine testing and is 100 percent non-invasive. It’s customized to the patient based on the results of the technology, and will help to balance hormones, metabolism, adrenal glands, and your hypothalamus; detox on the cellular level; and rebalance your body. It’s truly a complete internal reset.” 

There is no one price or program that fits all. What each individual needs internally is different. One stereotype that MaxLife Body’s program has created awareness on is that thin people are healthier than overweight people. Often, a person doesn’t even know she’s nutritionally deficient or in some other way losing her health.

That’s where MaxLife’s unique technology comes in. Through the BioMax Scan, the team learns where you are out of balance and which specific foods are most biologically beneficial — and least beneficial — to you. 

“Basically, the idea that you should eat healthy foods and avoid unhealthy foods isn’t helpful. For each person there are different foods that are beneficial,” Heather says. “I love kale, and then I learned that my body doesn’t digest kale properly. That doesn’t make kale an unhealthy food. It just means that it’s not beneficial for me.”

During a 30 Day program, you receive a list of foods that are beneficial or might hinder digestion, in addition to nutritional supplementation. You also will cut out processed foods, sugar, and other foods that typically cause inflammation in the body.

Can the program benefit healthy people? They say YES for a myriad of reasons, not just because most people —“even the healthiest, cleanest patients,” Klepfer says — are living in a state of inflammation due to eating the wrong foods, toxin levels, cellular imbalances etc. “And inflammation alone is a root of so many health issues,” she notes.

Other reasons people of all ages, sizes, and shapes can benefit from the program are that our environment is full of toxins, our foods are overly processed and/or grown in a way that leaves them nutritionally insufficient, we experience stress almost daily, and more.

You can expect to see results quickly — most within just a few days. You’ll begin to sleep better and have increased energy. Soon, you might even be able to stop taking medications.

Teresa, Kansas City’s own morning show personality from the “Rocket and Teresa Show” on The Mix 93.3 has lost 21 pounds in 30 days! She has more energy, feels healthier than she has in years and no longer craves junk foods!

The program isn’t just about weight loss, Klepfer stresses, although it will happen as weight loss is a mere byproduct of a body functioning in internal balance. She says it’s about regaining your life and health. “So many people ask us how to stay healthy and balanced throughout the year, so we designed a unique Balance For Life program,” Klepfer shares. This program allows you to maintain your health and weight using MaxLife’s exclusive technology as a tool on a quarterly basis.  The technology generates a comprehensive report, giving you a blueprint for success for the next three months — and beyond — keeping your health and metabolism positively working for you. We are continually educating people that if you do not make time for your wellness, you will be forced to make time for your illness. 

The support doesn’t end after you’ve finished a program. MaxLife offers an array of services in its Overland Park office for patients. “To live in balance, we understand people need support and continued education to truly change their life and live the best version of themselves each day,” Klepfer says. ■