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Dr. Alex Capano Works With The Hemp Haus in Kansas City: Filling the Gaps in Cannabinoid Science with Purpose and Passion

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Dr. Alex Capano was the first doctoral candidate of any discipline to focus on cannabinoid science. As a one-of-a-kind, she is leading the way in cannabinoid research, while keeping her values aligned with her ambition. She believes strongly in marrying purpose with passion, which is evident in both her achievements and her talent for natural rapport with her patients and colleagues. She was driven to develop professionally in a way that would help people. The opportunity presented itself in the form of cannabinoid science.

After earning a bachelor of science in neuroscience, Dr. Capano graduated with honors from the University of Pennsylvania while earning a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree to become a licensed family nurse practitioner. While at Thomas Jefferson University, she worked up the courage to ask her advisor if cannabis was a possible area of study for her doctorate. Anticipating a negative response, she was surprised to learn that Thomas Jefferson was about to announce the first academic center focused on comprehensive cannabinoid science, research and policy. That moment of serendipity eventually led her to Barry Lambert and Ananda Hemp.

Ananda Hemp has been the leader in the CBD field for decades, led by Chairman and CEO Barry Lambert, and in part by Dr. Capano, who is the company’s Medical Director. She is also a faculty member of the Lambert Center for the Study of Medical Cannabis and Hemp at Thomas Jefferson University. The deciding factor in accepting these career opportunities was how well her values and principles aligned with those of Mr. Lambert and Ananda Hemp. 

These shared principles and values are what prompted The Hemp Haus founders, Eric Oligschlaeger and Zach Allen, to become wholesale distributors for Ananda Hemp, selling their products mainly to professionals in the medical field. More than two years ago, these KC locals began their partnership and now own a CBD establishment in Kansas City that proudly carries Ananda Hemp full-spectrum CBD products.  

These core principles include closing the research gaps in cannabis science, addressing the social impact of cannabis, educating about medical cannabinoids, and creating products that are of the highest quality and transparently produced. In her research, Dr. Capano became extremely enthusiastic about the medical potential of cannabinoids. Specifically, she identified the need for an effective alternative painkiller. Both professionally and personally, she has witnessed how opioids devastate lives. Equally, Barry Lambert’s granddaughter suffers from an intractable form of epilepsy that only CBD can manage. This has driven the Lambert family to donate millions and use Ananda Hemp to not only research cannabis for its potential medical applications, but to effect change in policy and cannabis stigma.

CBD can address a variety of problems for women. Fibromyalgia is much more prevalent in females, and CBD is being used to address the intense levels of pain women can experience. Recent studies show over 60 percent of the women prescribed cannabinoids said they were effective in relieving pain while only about ten percent found relief from taking opioids. In fact, many are foregoing prescriptions medications for the relief delivered by CBD and its full spectrum of oils.

“Women have a lot of responsibilities and stress, which can bring sleep disturbances and anxiety, and CBD is an option to address those issues. We can also use CBD for menstrual cramps, endometriosis pain and migraines,” said Dr. Capano. One focus of her career has been on reproductive specialty work, and she has always felt naturally able to establish a rapport when speaking with women about sensitive topics.

CBD may also alleviate symptoms associated with menopause. Cannabinoids work within the endocannabinoid system and help mood regulation, immune functions, pain, sleep, memory and temperature regulation. 

In fact, Ananda Hemp is debuting a new product for sexual and reproductive issues that should be available this spring. “It’s an intimate oil specifically created for women experiencing pain and dryness during sex while increasing pleasure. It’s pH balanced, organic and free of residual sugars, applied topically or internally,” Dr. Capano noted. 

The Hemp Haus features Ananda Hemp along with Puffin Hemp products. “The Hemp Haus staff helps people through the decision process, listens to them and figures out what will work best. It’s the right product to address their ailments because we’ve done our due diligence and based our claims on scientific evidence,” noted Zach. “We’re here to help people, especially with anti-inflammatory and auto-immune issues. We carry only highly qualified and tested CBD products.”

Ginny Zeigler is a grandmother who works ten-hour days on a concrete factory floor. Before the day she walked into The Hemp Haus, she suffered for two years from chronic pain and stress. Prescription meds did not work for her and her emergency OxyContin was about to run out with no hope for a refill. She is now on a regimen of Ananda Hemp Full-Spectrum CBD, Ananda Hemp Spectrum Salve and the Puffin Hemp Liposomal Carrier. “Had I not found The Hemp Haus and full-spectrum CBD, it scares me to think about what would have happened to me.”

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