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Girl Tripping!

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It’s how two small business owners cater to the health and friendships of other women.

Eileen Burns and Val Katzer Foltz of Garnett, Kansas, share a close bond of friendship and a passion for creating curated weekend getaway bundles for others to enjoy. Eileen owns the historic Kirk House, and Val is owner of Monroe 816, a home-styling boutique, located just a few blocks apart. As both women are wives, busy moms, community volunteers and small business owners, they certainly appreciate the importance of a weekend girls’ getaway and how good it is for the soul.

These two friends agree that a weekend getaway is not only fun but necessary to recharge the female mind and body. There has been an abundance of research conducted to confirm that a girls’ weekend not only promotes an outlet to share feelings, gain new perspectives, recharge, unplug from chaotic lifestyles and release feel-good hormones, but it also more than likely brings with it all the health benefits of a good laugh! We all know how that feels!

Eileen and Val have collaborated to provide girls’ weekend getaway themes centered around being able to escape the demands and craziness of everyday life. Their getaway packages typically combine a relaxing weekend stay at the Kirk House with an activity and shopping experience in downtown Garnett. Imagine a weekend with your besties in a beautiful historic home in a quiet small town with plenty of places to shop and eat. They have designed weekend bundles themed around Little Luxuries, Moms and Mimosas, Fall Crafting, VIP shopping, and these thoughtful women can even create custom packages.

They not only share a love of bringing people together and do so regularly in their personal lives, but they also understand how recharged they feel after spending time with girlfriends who keep them grounded and lift each other up. Why not let them help you plan your girls’ getaway at the Kirk House and Monroe 816?

Live beautifully today!

The Kirk House | 145 W 4th Ave | Garnett, KS | 785-204-2987 |
Monroe 816 | 105 E 4th Ave | Garnett, KS | 785-204-1277 |