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Imaging For Women: Investments in Technology Make Screenings More Comfortable, Ensure Patients Return for Exams

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Drs. Troy Voeltz, Allison Zupon and Lindsay Miner prioritize compassionate patient care with state-of-the-art imaging technology. “The work we do as radiologists makes a big impact on patients and we focus entirely on patient care,” Dr. Zupon said. “We read all imaging results and conduct follow-up diagnostics on the same day so patients never have to wait. We’re passionate about making the experience as easy as possible.”

“Early detection is key” is a mantra every woman knows. With regular screening visits, radiologists have the best chance to catch abnormalities early, ensuring less invasive treatments. “A painful mammogram is a thing of the past at our center. We’ve changed the experience entirely with patient-controlled technology,” Dr. Voeltz explained. “It’s a significant investment for the practice, but we gladly absorb that to provide a better exam. That ensures women come back every year, which is the biggest benefit for patients.” Imaging for Women now offers Contrast Enhanced Spectral Mammography, a new type of mammogram for women with an increased risk of breast cancer. CESM finds cancers at a rate comparable to MRI and is quicker and less expensive for patients. As part of their new high-risk clinic, they also offer genetic testing and counseling.

In addition to investing in the latest technology, the physicians are committed to investing in the community. Imaging for Women has donated more than $4.5 million in free care since opening in 1997. They work directly with Northland Healthcare Access and various other organizations to help those in need throughout the greater Kansas City area. Their Special Services Program is aimed at keeping care affordable and accessible to patients who are uninsured.

Imaging for Women opened in 1997 and was Kansas City’s first free-standing imaging center dedicated to women’s health. Dr. Voeltz, Dr. Zupon and Dr. Miner continue to lead the practice in specialized breast care, offering several different imaging tools tailored to the patient’s individual risk, including 3D and contrast mammography, whole breast ultrasound and image-guided breast biopsies. Patients experience more comfortable exams in a relaxing atmosphere. Imaging for Women looks forward to providing the best care possible to their patients for years to come.