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Dr. Laura Ray: Changing Lives Through the Power of Hormone Pellet Therapy

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After decades of treating women (and men) with this method, SottoPelle’s founder, Dr. Gino Tutera, witnessed firsthand the life-changing impact pellet implant therapy has had on thousands of patients. Whether it helped reverse serious osteoporosis, aided a Parkinson’s patient to make strides in mobility, or simply helped revive a marriage, many say they’ve been given back what they thought they’d lost forever – their quality of life.

What is a hormone pellet?
Did you know that hormone replacement using pellet implants has been around for more than 70 years? In fact, scientists have published positive research on the benefits of this therapy in authoritative international journals for decades. Bioidentical pellet therapy was originally developed in Europe during the 1930s. It proved an excellent treatment for hormone deficiencies, especially in menopause. The highly respected pioneer of endocrinology, Dr. Robert B. Greenblatt, learned about this method and introduced it to his U.S. colleagues in 1939. Today, practitioners use pellet implants to restore hormonal balance in men and women of all ages.

Many patients who have been on creams, pills and patches discover that their hormone treatment can create side effects over time. Non-pellet methods provide an irregular and unreliable dosing amount, which produces a roller-coaster-like effect in the body.

Over time, extra hormones that are stored in the body can spill back into your system and cause a progressive overdosing. This can cause a cascade of imbalances and problems that you were trying to treat in the first place! When properly administered, the pellet delivery system provides safe and effective Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy. In fact, it remains the only form of delivery that closely mirrors what the human ovary and testicles do in our prime. This method ensures the same steady, around-the-clock, low dosages the body once created. You won’t have to change patches, rub on creams or remember to take a pill. And you won’t experience the radical surges and drops in blood levels seen with other methods. Pellet implants even deliver more when the body needs it, such as during exercise or periods of stress.

For over 30 years, SottoPelle has been providing a scientific based approach to hormone replacement therapy for both men and women. When you need help with hormonal balance, count on quality care and results; call your licensed SottoPelle expert, Dr. Laura Ray and her team at Reverse Medical Services, 913-744-4300.