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Minimize Your Health Risks with MaxLife

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This month it is important to recognize the brave women that have had the strength and courage to survive breast cancer. If you or someone you know is struggling with this disease, there are ways to fight back and ways to help prevent the disease from ever occurring. The old saying, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, is very true.

Maintaining a proper weight pre- and post-menopause is one of the most successful ways to prevent breast cancer, as well as other cancers. Most studies show that women who gain weight in adulthood are at the highest risk for developing breast cancer due to increased stimulation of estrogen caused by excess fat.

The fat that is specifically deposited around the waist is most concerning due to its proximity to the pancreas. This organ is responsible for regulating blood sugar levels via the hormones insulin and glucagon. Studies show that breast cancer rates are higher when insulin levels in the body increase. Maintaining a healthy body mass index, also called BMI, between 18.5 and 24.9 and a healthy body fat percentage between 10 percent and 30 percent assists your body in maintaining normal insulin levels. 

Research also suggests that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables decreases your risk of cancer due to the natural phytochemicals found inside plant-based foods. These healthy plant chemicals create an alkaline environment inside your body, helping to prevent cancer cells from proliferating. Cancer thrives in an acidic or anaerobic environment; however, the exact opposite occurs when it is exposed to an environment that is highly oxygenated or aerobic. 

Our technology-based programs have been normalizing elevated BMI numbers, in addition to dramatically reducing body fat and deadly visceral fat percentages, for the past four years. During this short period of time we have helped over 7,200 clients balance their bodies, resulting in over 182,000 pounds of weight loss in the Kansas City community.

We accomplished these incredible results using advanced food testing and an arsenal of exclusive technologies to determine the unique needs of each client. Using this information, we tailor a program specific to their individual needs.

For a limited time, call MaxLife to schedule a Free BioMetric Body Analysis, Free Fit3D Body Scan and Free 30-minute Health Coaching Session (normally $250). One of our trained health coaches will discuss your health concerns and weight loss goals. You will also discover which internal critical health factors are negatively affecting your health. We all want longevity in life and without this information it is hard to make the right healthy decisions. Simple lifestyle changes can and will create massive improvements in your health. We want to be your leader. Let us show you the way to a healthy future! 

Dr. Darin Upchurch, who has practiced for almost 25 years, has always had a passion for helping others achieve their best while aligning himself with the leading edge of health, wellness and weight loss, always keeping up with the latest technology. Advancements in technology improve positive outcomes, create increased efficiency, and eliminate the guesswork when it comes to health.