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The Gown Gallery: Fulfilling Your Bridal Dreams

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Q: I just got engaged; when should I order my gown?
A: We suggest ordering your gown nine months to one year in advance of your wedding date. Designers typically take six to eight months to produce your gown. With custom changes, it could take longer. Wedding planning should be fun! Ordering your gown in plenty of time allows a stress-free schedule for shipping, alterations and wedding day gown preparation.

Q: When do I know it’s the right dress!
A: You will know! Wear the gown that makes you feel like the queen that you are. Sometimes, what you thought you might wear, what you have always envisioned, all the gowns that you have pinned, might be completely different from the gown that is giving you all the feels. But they will lead you to the gown of your dreams. Follow your instincts, follow your heart, and wear the gown that you know you look good in and the one that makes you feel beautiful and happy.

The Gown Gallery proudly celebrates their 30th anniversary. Located in the Crossroads Arts District, downtown Kansas City, the gown gallery curates an exceptional array of bridal and special-occasion gowns from American and international designers. The Gown Gallery is prepared to help you select your dress wherever you are in the world. Contact us today; 1901 Main, Kansas City, Missouri; 361-361-8111;; @gowngallery.